Why Entrepreneurs Should Write Books

At Acutrack, we print books and fulfill book orders every day – and as a result, we see first-hand who benefits the most from writing books. Whether in business or the professional world, entrepreneurs have much to gain by becoming self-published authors. It’s a way to build credibility, get media exposure, and establish thought leadership. Publishing a book is one of the most effective ways to advance your career and business, and at Acutrack, we’re ready to help.

Entrepreneurs know the value of a brand name better than anyone, and author branding is a hot topic in book publishing today. With your book and website as the centerpieces, personal branding becomes more effective when you have the correct elements in place. It’s why printing your book with the right partner makes a difference. You want a high-quality paperback or hardcover book published in a way that competes well against titles from traditional publishing houses.

Successful entrepreneurs also know the value of publicity, but sometimes it can be challenging to earn. You can turbo-charge your personal PR efforts with a book marketing campaign. When you have a well-printed and professionally edited book to promote, the media will view you as newsworthy. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain from becoming an author. Self-publishing makes the path more predictable and less complicated than when only traditional publishing existed.


Benefits of writing and self-publishing

  • Client Outreach
    Writing a book on a subject of your expertise/business gives potential clients an understanding of what exactly you know and how you contribute to their business. Your clients can get to know you before the actual product pitch. For instance, if you’re an entrepreneur who has created an online brand and you have authored a book on the subject,  you could use it as a giveaway on your website to potential clients or while you pitch to them. Your book can spark curiosity and help garner some attention vis-à-vis your competitors.
  • Expanding your business
    Writing a book on your experiences of creating a business can get you a lot of publicity.  Improved visibility can mean a better recall value of your brand. This, in turn, can translate into more inquiries and new clients on board. You can even get some niche influencers or focused groups on social media to review your work.  Favorable reviews of your book can be that icing on the cake adding to your brand appeal. 
  • Improve credibility
    You are probably writing on various platforms. Your blogs and articles may already have a following. But writing a book lends you credibility no other avenue can. You have demonstrated your expertise through your self-published work and your opinions carry significant authority.  When you’ve seen as an expert on a topic, people will value your acumen and believe in your business. For instance, people who hire consultants or coaches are always looking for reviews or referrals before making decisions.  Handing over a self-authored book instead of your business card could reinforce your credentials.
  • Help you build a talented workforce
    The most brilliant business idea can remain just an ‘idea’ if not executed well. Having a team of capable and dedicated individuals is crucial for the success of any venture. Writing a book and getting it published not only builds credibility but also lends you with some capacity to influence. You will be able to attract and hire like-minded persons, who as part of your workforce can fulfill your business vision.
  • Be a celebrity!
    A published body of work can broaden your possibilities. Speaking engagements, guest articles in publications, news interviews are some of the opportunities that can come calling to a successful business writer.

Once you decide to write a book, the next process is to identify how to publish it. You can go through a traditional publishing house or you can self-publish, which is increasingly becoming a popular choice.


Why we recommend Self-publishing

  • Lag time
    When you publish with a traditional publisher you have to go through the entire gamut of hiring agents, submitting a book proposal, agents, lawyers, etc. This can turn out to be a very time-consuming exercise delaying the release of your book. But if you self-publish with a company like Acutrack, your book will be available in a much shorter span of time.
  • You are in charge of your content
    When you take the route of self-publishing you are the boss of your content.  You don’t have to yield to your publisher’s stipulations on any aspect of your book, be it content or cover design.
  • Easily Amendable
    Book printing and fulfillment companies like Acutrack gives you the ease of implementing changes in your book.  In a traditional publishing scenario, you will have to go through different layers to incorporate your edits and then get them approved.  In self-publishing, you have complete control over the entire process. You may edit yourself or hire professionals to do the job. Either way, the process is completed at a faster pace than in conventional publishing.
  • Allows to write on your time
    As an entrepreneur, you chase enough and more deadlines. Traditional publishers also demand that authors stick to deadlines for submission. But self-publishing allows you to integrate writing with your business schedule. It is hassle-free and you get to write on your terms and on your time.
  • Absolute control over your Customer base
    If you choose a print-on-demand and global shipment service like Acutrack you have complete access and control over your customer base. We share all data on customers with authors enabling you to connect directly with your readers for feedback, promotions, etc.

Wait no more. Get down to putting your entrepreneurial journey into words and reach out to our experts to get your work published. Reach out to us to understand more about how we can help you self-publish, talk to one of our experts

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