Value Added Services for Book Order Fulfillment

In today’s competitive world, our value-added services with book order fulfillment can give your brand an advantage. Add-on services are another one of the ways Acutrack beats print-on-demand services. With us, it’s easy and economical to ship collateral items with your books. We can warehouse items and produce many of them – we print books, journals, and manuals, or we can produce and deliver your content via USBs (thumb drives), DVDs, Blu-Rays, and more. Whatever your optimal format, we’ll make it happen.

Acutrack employee packaging and shipping book marketing collateral as part of their value added services. Custom print mugs, backpacks, sticker sheets, and more.

Value-added services help you create exceptional customer experiences.

Value-added services that help you create a branded experience for your customers let you go far beyond what you can accomplish with print-on-demand. You can add brochures, flyers, catalogs, or other printed marketing items with your books. You can customize your packaging and offer a gift wrapping service. Because we have warehousing and logistics capabilities, you aren’t limited in what you can ship with books. It can even include branded merchandise like mugs, t-shirts, custom-printed sticker sheets, or book bags.

Why Does a Delivering Branded Customer Experience Matter?

Shows Higher Quality Standards

Is Memorable and Unique from Others

Makes a Better First Impression

Improves Perceptions of Value for the Price Paid

Helps Make Unboxing Meaningful

Added Value, Economical Fulfillment, and 24-Hour Turnarounds

Book shipping with value-added services matters more when it is cost-effective and comes with quick turnaround times — and it’s what you get with Acutrack. If you’re asking yourself how we do it, the answer is years of experience and the publishing industry’s best logistics capabilities. We can fulfill your orders quickly and precisely at surprisingly affordable rates because we’re technology driven. You’ll also be impressed with how easy it is to connect your eCommerce platform to our order fulfillment system.

Our just-in-time book printing model, which has copies ready before you receive orders, also helps keep things moving during high-demand periods. If you’re printing your book on demand, bottlenecks happen with print queues and slow things down when your customers want their books the most. We ship your book with a 24-hour turnaround regardless of demand level and can include value-added services like shipping merchandise and adding gift wrapping. It’s a vast improvement compared to our competitors.

Value-Added Extras Available from Acutrack

Autographed Books

With Acutrack book fulfillment, you have the option to deliver signed copies to your customers and create an instant personal bond with them. An autographed book is a great collectable item. Once your books are printed, you can coordinate a visit with your account manager and visit our facility. Signed copies are added to inventory for fulfillment.

Assembling & Kitting

Everything follows your instructions to make an excellent impression on your customers. Ship your book with collateral or merchandise, and we’ll pack and ship it.

Marketing Collateral

We can print, warehouse, and ship marketing collateral with your books, including brochures, thank you cards, bookmarks, book bags, or merchandising items like t-shirts and mugs.

Gift Wrapping

You can add custom gift wraps or tissue paper in your brand’s colors to any of your book shipments. It’s also an excellent finishing touch for books sent to influencers or VIPs.

Media Add-Ons

Want to send your content in digitized form? We can help deliver audio, video, images, or written content via USBs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays to your customers.

Photo of Acutrack customer support for marketing collateral and value added book fulfillment services.

Our Customer Support is Always Ready to Help

You may choose add-ons at specific times of the year, such as gift wrapping at the holidays. We’re always available to help when you want to add or stop add-ons with your book shipments. It enables you to take advantage of opportunities and respond to your customers. Our goal is to make your life easier and your book business more profitable. If you have a custom request not shown on this page, call or email us to ask. If it’s something our logistics and shopping systems will support, we’ll always try to help.

We’re a tech-driven company serving the book industry exclusively.

Our advanced technology and dedicated team keep us ahead of the curve and make it possible to offer you add-ons other book printing and fulfillment houses can’t match. When others make it complicated, Acutrack makes it easy. If you’ve been living with the limits of print-on-demand services, you’ll find it refreshing to learn more about our capabilities and what we can do for you and your book. We add value throughout the process and let you print your books with the quality of major publishing houses.

Have Questions About Value-Added Services?

Yes, we have extensive book printing capabilities (Hardcover, Paperback, Spiral Bound, & Wire-O) and production capabilities many print collateral. It is best to first check with your account manager for the items that interest you. Alternatively, you can supply those items. We can produce the items for you (as well as print your books) and warehouse them until you receive orders.

We make it easy for you to upload and submit to us. When you sign up for service, our customer support and tech teams will work with you to facilitate a smooth process. You can email your files to moc.kcartuca@troppuselif or email us the link to download. Our goal is to save time and make it easy for you.

Acutrack connects to virtually all eCommerce platforms. Our website has a page about eCommerce integration that explains how easy it is to do. Our automated book order fulfillment can include collateral items.

Value-added services are an addition to our book printing and order fulfillment operations. Our clients always ship books as the basis of their customer orders and have the option of value-added services with their book order fulfillment.

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