Lockdown is both boon and bane to most of us. It brings with it limited movement and lack of regularly available resources, but then, it also brings that rare commodity – Time, in abundance.

This silver lining can be used to upgrade skills or to learn something brand new – whether it’s learning a new language or find out more about CryptoCurrency. 

We all know how when we learn something new, we not only acquire a new skill set but also help to keep the brain agile and thus, keep stagnancy at bay. 

This is a Golden opportunity for a Virtual Coach/ Trainer/ Teacher. This is the time for each one of you who has great teaching skills to impart knowledge via the great www. Technology has made great inroads in this area, the lockdown has provided you with the perfect timing. 

2020 – The Year of the Virtual Guru 

Online coaching, webinars, and workshops are the catchphrases of this season. The number of online courses for every subject ranging from Nail art classes to parenting workshops is mind-numbing. The competition is intense.

This is where the all-important role of a well prepared Virtual Coach comes in. Anyone can be knowledgeable, but not everyone can be a true mentor or guide. If it was only about giving out information, the ubiquitous Google and Youtube DIY videos would work fine. But the lockdown has brought in immense opportunity for both the teachers and the learners. The seekers of knowledge look for more than a few hours of online classes. Yes, most online courses come with a set of downloadable courseware and whitepapers. But then, when everything is virtual, we often look for something real. Something tangible to hold and absorb. A connect that is far deeper than what is exchanged over bits and bytes. Besides which, it adds to the perception of authenticity and builds the brand value.

Imagine if we could have the best of both worlds. If the classes and such went on from the relative safety of our respective homes, but still we could manage to receive a book, a USB, or a DVD with information of our choice?

Start a new business

If you’re thinking about starting a business, this may be an excellent time. If you already have an idea of what you want to sell, or at least the market you want to enter then this is a time to do a quick search for existing companies in your chosen industry, develop your business plan, and time to dive into it now.

Follow success stories

It is a great time to follow the success stories of other entrepreneurs. For example, the biggest platform is Clickfunnel where entrepreneurs have found success. Clickfunnel changed the lives of many, and there are a lot of success stories out there. One of those stories motivates you to start your entrepreneurial step.

Acutrack – We publish, we print, we fulfill

Acutrack helps publishers print and fulfill the tangible product- printed book and USB DVD replication. With 25+ years worth of positive reputation in the 3PL business, we are a perfect choice.
Acutrack offers a solution that no other publisher does, i.e, the ability to help Coaches and Trainers by connecting with them and ship books, DVDs or USB thumb drive directly to their students!

Be a smart teacher, leave the load of worrying about quality and delivery of your collateral to the experts and concentrate on your chosen topic, and growing your business.

To learn more, get in touch with the Acutrack team to know more. Talk to one of our experts 

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