While many organizations spend thousands of dollars with Facebook or Google to build the “perfect” landing page, many viewers leave the site without signing up. The most vital part of an effective landing page is the lead-capture or conversion form, with which you can transform your visitors into buyers.

How do you convince a casual browser to commit to action? Studies have shown that offering something tangible can increase your landing page sign-up rate by 40 percent. To persuade potential customers to part with their names, email addresses and other information, they must believe that they are receiving something valuable in return.

While some sellers may offer downloadable digital content such as an e-book or PDF to increase conversion rates, many purchasers prefer something they can touch and feel. A “thumb” or USB drive is an excellent choice to satisfy these customers.

Advantages of USB Drives

USB drives can contain software, training manuals, educational texts, how-to hints, photographs and a host of other types of files. They can store content too large to be quickly downloadable. You can also readily share a USB drive with friends, family and colleagues.

For an author or other content supplier, USB drives provide an additional revenue stream. Imprinted with your name or logo, they contribute to establishing your brand. Thumb drives are easy to slip into a pocket, purse or briefcase, and you can keep them conveniently at hand on a key chain. They are also compatible with most personal computers and laptops.

An Acutrack USB Drive is Secure

With Acutrack fulfillment, your content will be secure. We write protect and copy protect your USB drive to prevent data loss. We use the highest quality materials and components. When we load your data, the content is locked to avoid accidental erasure.

In addition to our ability to customize both sides of your USB with whatever artwork you specify, Acutrack can provide custom packaging. We also offer you the opportunity to enclose a printed card. Contact us today to find out how we can help you make sales from your landing page take off.

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