With schools being shut due to the novel Coronavirus, thousands of children have been stranded at home.

This has left parents with no option but to take the responsibility of schooling their children upon themselves to make sure the children keep busy and keep learning. Schools may have shut down, but the learning needs to go on, after all. Homeschooling is an option all parents need to consider in the current scenario.

2020 will be long remembered as the year the world came to a standstill thanks to COVID 19. The lockdown has led to lifestyle changes that were hitherto never even considered. One of the biggest segments to be affected are the schools and other educational institutes.

With the schools being shut, thousands of children are left stranded at home. But as they say, learning never stops. Home schooling has become the touch phrase with more and more parents donning the role of teachers at home. Creative ways are being sought out to make learning interesting and to keep the children occupied.

Now, while the great www is like a vast ocean of knowledge, it can get a bit confusing. Especially for parents who have little or no experience in teaching. What to teach and how to teach become very important questions to ask. Another key question to be asked is how much digital time per day can be dedicated to this?

The logical answer is to leave it to the experts and to take it offline as much as possible. 

How do we go about doing this?

While online teaching is a natural choice, going back to the classic way of teaching from printed books – Books that are beautifully written, brilliantly compiled and are visual treats.

Printed books give parents the required direction and opportunity to engage their children in a positive, interactive manner.

Acutrack – Friend of Publishers

With parents and teachers alike turning towards printed books, the demand for well published, high quality reading material has gone up.

Acutrack is an expert in printing textbooks. A typical training book is coil bound so it can lay flat, has color graphs for easy understanding. Acutrack is ideally suited to handle such print jobs.

Our comprehensive suite of fulfillment services helps businesses deliver their books directly to consumers (B2C) or to retail and other marketplaces like Amazon (B2B) etc. Our entire suite of services are designed so we help deliver your printed books directly to your students as seamlessly as digital delivery

Advantage Acutrack Book Printing Service:

Customized solution – We are technology agnostic. Depending on your needs we can print using offset or digital technology. 

Shorter runs – There is no need to print a large print run just to save cost. 

Crisis begets opportunity. Though COVID-19 has restricted our movements, our race should not sit still and stagnate. We need to keep the minds of our young ones agile and nimble. And what better way than with knowledge via books?

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