Why is spiral-bound book printing such a popular choice?

Spiral-bound printing and binding: A popular choice

There are several methods of binding and each of them comes with their own advantages and disadvantages. It all mostly depends on the kind of document you are looking to get bound. Some bindings last longer than others, some let your book lie flat when opened and some make the book extremely handsome to look at.

Spiral book binding, also known as coil binding, is one of the most popular ways to bind print materials. Spiral bound book printing involves a plastic coil being inserted through holes punched in the edge of the printed sheets that needs to be bound.

Custom Spiral bound book printing method is useful for documents or booklets that are in constant use, are referenced often or need to lay flat.

Construction of a Spiral Bound Book:

As mentioned earlier, the spiral book printing method involves joining the pages and cover of a book using a coil that is made of durable plastic. The coil, which is shaped like a spring, is inserted and twisted through small holes that are punched along the edge on the spine side of the book’s cover and pages. Once the coil is fed through all the holes in the cover and pages, the coil is crimped at both ends to keep it from unravelling.

Very often, the cover of a print on demand spiral bound book is created from a different paper stock than the inside pages. Acutrack offers the widest range of book trim size and binding options for every book type or genre.

More about Spiral Book Binding:

Before choosing the type of binding you prefer, you should ask a few relevant questions.

  •  What is the maximum number of pages that can be done in Spiral Bound printing services? The answer to it is, it depends upon the capacity of the largest coil available – which measures 2″ in diameter, which would technically result in a spiral bound book of upto 920 pages. 

Having said that, it is always sensible to talk to the experts i.e. your printer about the most practical binding solution as early as possible as they would be able to decide if custom spiral bound book printing  

  • Another question that is often asked is can a Spiral Bound book have printing on its spine? The answer to this is a hard No. The spine of a Spiral bound book consists of just the coil and it is not possible to print anything on the coil.

Does that mean print on demand Spiral binding cannot be made interesting? The plastic binding coils are available in over 40 colors. Though black is still the most widely used color followed by white and blue.

Advantages of Spiral book binding:

Books that are part of Spiral bound printing services have several benefits and are the preferred choice for a variety of projects. Here are some of the advantages spiral binding offers: 

  • Books can open a full 360 degrees, allowing all the information on the pages to be seen easily even when the book is folded back along the spine
  • The pages of the book rotate around the coil easily, allowing the pages to stay put without the reader having to use their hands
  • Spirals come in various diameters to accommodate books of varying thickness (even two pages can be spiral bound)
  • The spiral binding process is a simple one, as it does not involve adhesives, folded signatures or a lot of preparation. This makes it a popular and affordable choice, especially for school projects or simple presentations
  • Spiral binding is very durable when compared to similar binding alternatives
  • Spirals comes in a wide variety of colors and materials, and can add to the aesthetic appeal of the book/ project

Who should choose Spiral book binding?

If you are planning to write or have written or designed something like maintenance manuals, cookbooks, directories, books of sheet music, atlases and travel guides, price and part lists, you should consider using the spiral binding technique. We at Acutrack can help you with Print on demand Spiral Binding as our Spiral Binding Service is top notch.

The Acutrack advantage – Spiral Bound Book Printing

At Acutrack, we believe in quality. We provide powerful book print and fulfillment services. Our comprehensive suite of book fulfillment and distribution services will help you deliver your books directly to your readers. Apart from Spiral Binding Service and the popular perfect bound book printing, Acutrack offers the widest range of book trim size and binding options for every book type or genre.

Acutrack also offers several other varieties of printing methods, some popular ones are: 

Case bound – A case bound book or hardcover book have durable, protective covers, made from either cardboard wrapped with paper, cloth, or another durable fabric. The spine of the book is covered to safeguard the pages inside.

Saddle stitch – The saddle wire stitch allows the book to lie flat for reading ease. It can be bound with either a self-cover, or a separate cover. It is the most economical solution. Our saddle-stitched machine is capable of producing up to 200 page books by creating a square edge spine.

Print options– Acutrack offers you both Offset and Digital printing options. 

Shipping options– Acutrack offers a range of shipping options including USPS, media mail, first class priority + global shipping

We also have dedicated customer support for any and every query.

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