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How Much Self-Publishing Has Revolutionized the Book Industry

A good book is a good book, no matter how it is published. Any stigmas about self-publishing are fading away, and many authors today enter the field without the backing of a traditional publisher. At Acutrack, we know because we print books and fulfill online orders for publishers of all types, and we see their sales. Even ten years ago, it might have been hard to imagine self-publishing’s impact on the industry. Today, online booksellers and the internet continue to help it along.

If you’re going to self-publish your work and compete effectively against titles from legendary houses, you take on added responsibility. As you arrange your book printing, you must decide on your binding (hardcover, softcover, spiral, etc.) along with your trim size and cover design. You need to hire a professional editor, book formatter, and likely a publicist. The good news is that you keep all the profits when you succeed and can recoup your investment. But you need to take the process seriously.

Many authors today self-publish their first book and demonstrate success in attracting a traditional publishing contract. Others use the hybrid model where they work with a well-known house but initially assume some financial risks. Some writers are also business people or credentialed professionals who pen books to promote themselves. Earning PR coverage for a business is challenging, and a book gives you a way in. You can also win media appearances and speaking platforms.

Building an online platform, including a website, blog, and social media accounts is another way to boost your book. Most smart authors do those years before publishing their work so they have a ready-made audience. Making sure you print books of the highest quality and are set up to take orders for them is also essential to brisk sales. People today expect convenience, and you need to deliver it.

Why we recommend Self-publishing

  • Book Printing Companies
    If you have a story ready to be told but have no idea how to present it, you can hire a book printing company. They will offer specialized services like designing your book cover, binding services, help you choose the right type of paper or the ideal book size, all at very reasonable costs. Opting for a book printing company will ensure top-notch end product with uniform quality. But they will not help you in order management, sales, or customer service. It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that the book reaches the end-user.
  • ¬†Book¬†Distribution Companies
    These manage the backend operations of your business. Order fulfillment is done by the book distribution company on your behalf as they come in from your website. They stock your inventory in their warehouses and maintain a thorough account by giving inventory alerts as and when required.  They can assemble specific sales kits(kitting), integrate well with eCommerce sites, manage your sales and sales returns and most importantly ship your product directly to the end customer. They typically do not provide printing services. Opting for this method also means that huge amounts are sunk in accumulated inventory.                      
  • Print-on-Demand Companies
    Print-on-demand (or POD) is an order fulfillment method where items are printed as soon as an order is made. Entirely need-based, it allows you to maintain absolutely no inventory. In most cases, there’s no minimum quantity stipulated for the order. PODs are integrated with eCommerce platforms and once an order is placed, it is diverted to the nearest fulfillment center, where the books are printed and then shipped. They do not process your sales or sales returns or provide customer support. It’s your job to handle these tasks. POD companies are great if you want to avoid huge upfront expenditures or piles of excess inventory.


Try our Way

What if we told you that the benefits of all these options have been rolled into one? Acutrack provides the entire gamut of services you are looking for in a book fulfillment company. We are ideal for authors who already have a following and a sales forecast in place. In book printing, we provide the widest range of trim sizes, binding options, and digital/offset technology to suit your requirements.  Our expert team will guide you through graphic design and provide superlative packaging to make sure that your labor of love looks perfect.  We will manage your inventory and ensure you never run out of stock, while you promote your book. Acutrack seamlessly integrates with all eCommerce platforms and provides an online dashboard for you to track your business in real time. Your work can be shipped worldwide at an amazing turnaround time. At Acutrack, we support your endeavor by giving you complete control over your earnings and helping you build a valuable relationship with your readers.

 Reach out to us to understand more about how we can help you self-publish, talk to one of our experts! 

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