Why Choose Acutrack for Fulfillment

Right size to manage your business

Acutrack has a 42,000 square foot modern building equipped to store your inventory safely and securely. We have a big enough warehouse to accommodate your needs but not so big that you get lost in the shuffle. We continuously monitor our client’s needs, space usage and allocate space resources to meet your sales projection.

Zero failure

Acutrack’s operation model ensures an ISO compliant quality control process and eliminates point of failure

Integration with your ordering system

We are already integrated with many E-commerce engines such as PayPal, Google shopping cart. Also, if you’re E-commerce engine needs a custom integration; our tech team can work to facilitate integration with your order processing. Additionally, Acutrack uses an XML based system that posts information from your e-commerce/ordering system back and forth to Acutrack.

100% insured

Acutrack has a full coverage to replace your inventory in case of fire, water damage, criminal theft, natural disaster or accidental damage.

Experienced organization

Acutrack has been in business since 1992. We are a technology-driven company and have a team of experts in all aspects of fulfillment logistics. We count our success from the success of our clients.

No order is too small

Unlike other companies who may not want your business if you do not hit that minimum order amount, we do not have a minimum order amount.

Multiple shipping choices

We are fully integrated and partnered with UPS, FedEx and USPS. We have developed a strong partnership to bring the best choices to you.

No Long term commitment

We don’t lock you in to long term contract. We want to serve you as long as you are happy.

Real-time account information

We provide you with your entire inventory and order information in real-time over the Web. You can access this information anytime and anywhere.

Dedicated Account Manager

We assign a dedicated person who will be assigned to your account. This designated individual will be the person who you can call and has the authority to act on your requests.

Why spend extra time and money having us ship your disc or printed collateral to a mail house when we can mail them directly to your customer list?

After we manufacture your products, consider the cost saving and convenience of letting us mail or deliver your products. Our direct mail services team is in-house, so we can start the fulfillment process the second your project is complete.

We're experts on postal rules and regulations, presorting, and postage discounts, so you'll get the best possible mailing rates. We use USPS-certified CASS address standardization software to provide significant postal rate discounts and maximize delivery efficiency.

Any printed item such as postcards, letters, and sell sheets can be personalized with anything from marketing key codes to usernames for subscription and membership programs.

Your mailing piece is assembled and addressed professionally, inkjet printed with bar codes and Zip+4. Then they are bundled according to postal requirements, Post Office paperwork is completed and samples are sent to you. The finished product is delivered to the Post Office for seamless, automated mailing


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Please contact us:

Toll-Free: 888-234-3472
Phone: 925-579-5000
Fax: 925-579-5001

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350 Sonic Avenue
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Please contact us:

Toll-Free: 888-234-3472
Phone: 925-579-5000
Fax: 925-579-5001

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About Acutrack

Acutrack is a technology-driven eCommerce fulfillment company with a specialization in publishing any product needed for your business. With logistics center on both coasts of the USA, we serve as a one-stop logistic center for your business needs!
In this manner, we serve as a one-stop logistics extensionof your business.

Fulfillment centers:

Livermore, CA
Cincinnati, OH