CD Production

Whatever the quantity, Acutrack meets your needs with everything from short run CD Duplication to large run CD Replication. We understand the great amount of time you have spent in creating your content and we can help you decide the best printing and packaging options based on your target audience.

We want our customers to always feel that they’ve put their project in the right hands. Whether we choose CD Replication or CD Duplication, we will produce a disc on time and free of any defect.

Our CD Production Value-Adds:

  • Stringent ISO compliant Quality Control Processes
  • 100% ID Check assures correct content match
  • Photo-realistic disc printing
  • Digital Transfer, Mastering & Format compliance check
  • Packaging & Fulfillment Solutions
  • We DO NOT Manufacture Adult Content

Acutrack offers a wide selection of both generic and custom CD packaging and DVD packaging for your projects. Our custom solutions are eco-friendly, can easily be tailored to your specific application, and will make you stand out. Our focus is on implementation and sustainability.

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