Fully Custom Blu-Ray Authoring Services

Acutrack has authored a wide variety of content for Blu-ray - everything from peaceful, scenic videos to exciting, independent films. We have all the resources in-house to create everything you need, including graphic design, video encoding, subtitling, and professional Blu-ray authoring.

With our Sonic Scenarist BD authoring system, we give you full access to the entire Blu-ray HDMV specification feature set.

We help you astonish your audience with stunning menus, clever pop-up menus, intelligent navigation designs and other BD characteristics (including full HD video, subtitles, 7.1-channel audio, etc.).

Our HD encoding and menu designs are touted and appreciated by some of the top gaming and entertainment studios in the world. With hundreds of BD titles under our belt, we guarantee that our Blu-ray authoring abilities will keep you coming back for more.

Call us today to make your imagination come alive on a Blu-ray disc!

 BluRay Authoring