It’s not just about being a great writer, you have to sell your book. Aiming to sell it during the holiday season is a great idea. Not only will people be buying gifts for their friends and family, but they also have plenty of time off work to read

If you’re like me then you love writing, but you may struggle a little with the business side of being an author. You’re not alone. Many artists and writers relish the chance to be creative but find marketing their work a drag. Unfortunately, it is an essential step in fulfilling those ambitions of finding a treasured spot on a bestseller list. Here are some things to consider as you embark on that journey.

Once you self-publish and order printed copies, you need to find someone to fulfill your orders. Book fulfillment means warehousing, distribution, and anything else you can think of to take care of the copies. Some people prefer a print-on-demand model where they can order the exact number of copies they need when they get an order. There are many options when it comes to book printing and fulfillment services. That way you can focus on selling and marketing your book. 

When it comes to marketing any product, the first step is to narrow down your audience. You will need to tailor your promotion strategy to the people who you think will enjoy your book. Here are 3 tips to increase your sales

Get People Talking

Once you have that figured out, look for tastemakers who can reach your target demographic. These could be professional reviewers, book bloggers,  other authors in your niche, or even social media influencers. It’s easier said than done, but If you find the right one, their recommendation could drive sales for years to come. 

Create a website

You can also use the power of the internet to market the book yourself. Set up an author’s website. It should include an ‘About the Author’ page and a description of your book. Beyond that, you can write blog posts, add pictures and links to other interesting articles. It doesn’t even have to be directly relevant to your book – just as long as it gets people commenting and visiting your site. The book promotion will happen naturally once they are there. 

If you are a little more tech-savvy, or with the help of someone who is, you can create a funnel webpage. This will direct your potential clients to a page where they can place an order for your book. You can also include a lead capture page, which will record some information about visitors, like their emails, so that you can contact them later. 

Social Media

If having one website is a powerful tool, having two is even better. Try out different social media platforms. You can sign up for an account on Facebook or Instagram and post about your book there. Perhaps you could drop some sample chapters to entice your readers – it could even be a recording of you reading from your work. 

To extend your reach and attract new and different readers, try leaving a trail of comments on other message boards and posts. Intelligent comments will intrigue potential readers and have them follow you back to your home page. The more you engage with people online, the more they will respond. Building a large following on Facebook or Twitter is a long process, but one that could pay huge dividends. 

Crowdsourcing Reviews

Once you have a social media presence, you can solicit reviews from your followers. The more you get, the more will be seen. Sign up for an account on Amazon,  Barness and Noble, shopify or any other eCommerce store. The average reader may care more about peer reviews than what a professional writer thinks.  People browsing through your book’s page may be impressed by the impact your book is having and buy it based on that.

Another great site is You can create an account to connect with other readers and authors and try to persuade some to read and review your book and start talking about it.


Books obviously predate the online world, so there are some aspects of bookselling that are still done offline. Try entering your book in competitions. Each contest has its own rules and usually takes months to get results. Also, many favor short stories over novels and plenty come with an entry fee, but winning an award will give your book the kind of prestige that money can’t buy. 

Selling your book can be a tedious process, but if you were dedicated enough to finish it, you should put in the effort to sell it. Every author wants to have their voice heard, it just takes work to get it out there. 

Here’s to selling more books!

Acutrack makes it easier:

You need a print and fulfillment partner to ship out all the books you sell. You could go to a traditional publishing house to print or a print on demand company.  Then separately to a fulfillment company. There’s nothing wrong with that. Except, that it’s incredibly expensive. Oh, not to mention the extra effort required to manage all the vendors.

But Acutrack is here to help. We are one of the few companies that offer both fulfillment and publishing services, allowing our customers to seamlessly integrate all of their logistical needs with just one partner.  We let you focus on the things you love most — writing your next best seller!

What are you waiting for? Realize your dreams. To learn more about how Acutrack can help you achieve your goals, talk to one of our experts.

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