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Bindery or Book Binding is both pragmatic as well as decorative. Binding is the process of securing, sequencing and assembling all the printed pages within a cover, which in most cases is thicker than the inside pages to provide protection and durability to the finished book.
Did you know that the binding process was prevalent even before printing was invented, even before paper was developed?
Primitive symbols, drawings, writings and scriptures were done on leaves, bamboo sheets, thin wooden planks and papyrus. Our ancestors figured out ways to organise documents by sewing, tying or gluing them together.

There are various methods of binding books available now. The choice depends on the style, budget, usage and purpose of the document.

Acutrack offers a wide range of binding and trimming options to choose from like case bound, spiral bound, perfect bound and more.

Saddle Stitch binding is one of the simplest and most widely used methods. It is also known as Stapled Binding because of the use of staples that hold the printed pages together from the centre fold line.

It is the most affordable method and has a quick production time.
Saddle Stitch bound printing allows the bound document or book to open flat and therefore is a popular choice when a centre spread layout has to be highlighted or emphasised. Since the book can lay flat, the communication, visuals and messaging are effectively displayed making it easy on the eye to cross check and refer, making it work best for magazines, glossies, brochures and product catalogues.

Construction of a Spiral Bound Book

In this kind of binding, the papers are sequenced and folded together to be stapled at the centre of the fold line. The staples pass through the fold line from the outside and are clinched between the pages. All the pages are then loaded into the stitcher that looks like saddles to complete the binding.

Saddle stitch is usually used for Magazines, booklets, brochures and books with fewer page counts usually from 8 to 64. At Acutrack, we have the machine to produce 200 pages books by creating a square edge spine, but we suggest Perfect Binding for books over 40 pages.

Advantages of Saddle Stitch Binding:

Saddle Stitch offers multiple benefits, some of them are-

  • It is cost effective and has a fast turn-around time
  • There is no dependency on the size of the book
  • The cover page can be heavier like a separate cover or can be of the same weight as the inside pages, like a self cover
  • A saddle stitch book can be opened flat. It is ideal for centre spreads, product pages and advertising journals
  • A book with saddle stitch binding is easy to mail, ship and carry anywhere.
  • Saddle stitch bound books can be folded or rolled as there is no spine

Tips for getting the best out of Saddle stitch:


  • Always spread the design and content layout
  • You need to choose the size of the paper correctly
  • Select the orientation of the paper, landscape or portrait
  • You can get creative with the paper quality, grammage and texture.
  • The page count should be a multiple of 4


Saddle stitch binding is an easy choice for most work, unless your requirements are completely different.

By picking the right binding technique, you will be able to create a document that will be stylish, long lasting and cost effective.

Other binding solutions @Acutrack:

Spiral – This method joins the cover and the inside pages of a book using a flexible plastic coil. Shaped like a long spring, the coil is inserted and twisted through small holes punched along the spinal edge of the book’s cover and pages. Spiral bound book printing is very popular for projects and journals.


Case bound – A case bound book or hardcover book have durable, protective covers, made from either cardboard wrapped with paper, cloth, or any other durable fabric. In custom hardcover book printing, the spine of the book is covered to safeguard the pages inside.


Perfect Binding – Also called softcover binding. Perfect bound printing method makes a flat spine that can be printed with the title, or information about the book.

Why choose Acutrack as your binding partner?

Acutrack is not just a Book printing company. Other than offering binding and print fulfillment services, Acutrack is also a book fulfillment company. 

If you have an established customer base and wish to have full control over your sales, we are the perfect fit for you.

For guidance and help, be it for a journal or a novel, reach out to us for pre-press, printing, book print on demand, binding and beyond – moc.kcartuca@selas

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