As a Christian author, you want your message to be heard. Your followers love your books and order them faithfully, but there is so much more you can do to spread the word. Digital products, printed materials, even T-shirts, can help you reach out farther to build your readership.

Clothing the body of Christ

Your followers become your street witnesses just by wearing a shirt with your message. Churches use T-shirts to raise awareness of their missions, and many congregations have the shirts emblazoned with their logos, piquing the interest of anyone their members encounter.

Design experts can help you do the same, allowing you to preach the good news far beyond your mailing list.

Printed materials

We learn from 2 Timothy that all scripture can be used for instruction. For many, when Paul wrote that letter, access to the written word was rare or impossible. Today, you have many options to teach lessons about Jesus Christ.

For example, you can create an evangelizing card so your followers can carry them to proclaim the Lord and your work for Him. You can also accompany your volumes with bookmarks. These can feature vital quotes from your writings and easily be given to friends and family as an introduction to your work.

Tracts are an important resource for sharing your hope in the Lord. You can offer them as add-ons or gifts to your readers and followers. Tracts can also be connected to holidays or special times in the church.

You can use pamphlets and brochures as special gifts or offerings. These add-ons can be anything you envision from devotionals to commentaries. Including descriptions of your other works will encourage your readers to learn more.

The digital path

People may prefer a DVD or thumb drive to a traditional book. Both digital forms are economical to ship and readily passed on to others. With your media manufactured on-demand, you can either ship it separately or bundle it with your books. Producing your media in this way releases you from the burden of maintaining an inventory.

Reaching other shores

You need not limit your outreach to the boundaries of American shores. By choosing a fulfillment provider capable of shipping around the globe, you can find new audiences you’re your work. You’ll be able to choose from multiple carriers, including FedEx International Priority, which enables you to reach people in 220 countries.

Prepared to serve

Whether for printing, warehousing, designing, packaging or shipping, Acutrack stands ready to be your partner. Contact Acutrack for responsive and faithful support in pursuit of your mission.

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