Acutrack offers USB flash drive copy protection services

Leading-edge, San Francisco-based fulfillment company, Acutrack, now offers digital content fulfillment via a copy-protected USB. This technology will help educational and training organizations to safeguard their Intellectual Property and generate new revenue streams.

San Francisco, September 20, 2016: Data and cyber-security go hand-in-hand, and Intellectual Property can be a highly visible target for illegal copying or duplication. Enter Acutrack, with a simple solution in the form of a USB flash drive. This copy protection innovation allows clients to share their digital Intellectual Property data without any risk of Internet theft. Now content originators can have peace of mind when it comes to publishing and distributing reports, documents, articles and videos, allowing others to access their content but preventing them from copying or distributing it further.

This is a stand-alone solution that does not require an Internet connection or authentication from an off-site server. Everything runs 100% from the flash drive itself. There is no software to install to view the files, and no administrator rights required: just plug in the drive for immediate access to content.

“Most copy protection offered on DVD to protect PDF or MP3 files can be easily hacked, or users may find files too cumbersome when it comes to navigation and usability. Acutrack’s copy-protected USB is essentially the only solution to protect your Intellectual Property from theft and provides ease of use for your data’s end-users,” stated Raj Barman, CEO of Acutrack, Inc.

“It is really helpful to educational institutions and other companies to protect their training documents and other content because it prevents it from copying and free distribution. Ultimately, it helps them safeguard their interests and increase revenue,” said Barman.

Key Features of Acutrack’s USB Copy Protection Services: Acutrack’s DRM (Digital Rights Management) security offers the following key features:

    • The content can be viewed, but it cannot be copied or shared.
    • Data and files cannot be deleted or formatted from the USB drive.
    • Copy-protected files formatted in PDF, html and text cannot be printed without permission, which means their dissemination is up to the originator.
    • Users cannot select content from one document and copy and paste it into another; this prevents users from performing a “select all” copy and paste from within a PDF.
    • Users cannot take screen grabs on Mac computers or perform print screens on Windows devices.
    • Files can be set to expire at a specific date and time, which is ideal for subscription-based applications
    • This solution is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers.
    • There is no software to install on the host computer because the protected content runs 100% from the flash drive.
    • Administrator rights are not required because nothing is installed on the host computer; this is ideal for large corporations and government agencies.

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