Acutrack is proud to introduce Eco-Case

This packaging offers a significant reduction in materials, transportation costs, and shelf space in order to protect our environment. The Eco-Case™ DVD case weighs 50 grams compared to 75 grams for a standard DVD case, cutting your carbon footprint by 33%. Utilizing  Acutrack’s On-Demand model for media and prints products, clients can eliminate excess inventory by manufacturing their media on an as needed basis, removing the up-front costs normally associated with CD/DVD production. By combining Eco-Case with our On-Demand system, companies can save the environment and increase their cash-flow.

Features of the Eco-Case™

  • Substantially reduce the mass of plastic by strategically removing material from non-functional, inconspicuous areas
  • Box quality and functionality will not be affected
  • Packages look and act the same as standard boxes on the retail shelf
  • Consumers will only notice the environmentally friendly difference after removing the DVD and the booklet from the package
  • Cutout “recycle” logo helps promote environmental concerns and practices for consumers
  • 100% recyclable materials

About Acutrack, Inc.
We have helped thousands of organizations design, manufacture, package and distribute their software, video, educational and multi-media content worldwide. With 20 years of industry experience and expertise, Acutrack can help you publish and distribute your content worldwide on Digital/Offset Print, CD/DVD/Blu-ray. We pride ourselves on working with our clients to create custom and scalable solutions that meet their current needs and can grow with their future needs.

Media Contact
Scott Donovan
VP Sales Operation
Acutrack, Inc.

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