Flux Media™ selects Acutrack as its On Demand DVD Manufacturing Partner

LIVERMORE, CA ‐ JULY 2, 2007 Acutrack, Inc., considered among the leaders in world-wide On Demand CD and DVD production, announced today that Flux Media (www.fluxmedia.net), an Atlanta based technology firm that produces CENTRAFUSE™ has selected the company to support its On Demand disc manufacturing and fulfillment business. Centrafuse is an interactive touch screen controlled, user interface for vehicle computer systems which offers unparalleled feature set, empowering & simplifying driver-control over a wide range of functions. "We our thrilled that Flux Media is able to benefit from the value of our on demand service," said Asheesh Barman, Executive Vice President, Acutrack, Inc. "Our cutting edge On Demand engine allows them to create professional, retail-ready discs for their clients, one at a time and ship them worldwide, 24/7!" "We currently have five Centrafuse products; so Acutrack's On Demand production engine is absolutely essential for us," said Eric Brier, Founder & CEO of Flux Media™. "Acutrack's zero-inventory model is the only way for us to conduct our business in a cost effective manner. We can add or modify our products as needed and never have to worry about producing them, stocking them or shipping them. Working with Acutrack will enable us to focus on what we do best and that is valuable to us."

About Acutrack, Inc.
Acutrack can help you publish & distribute your content worldwide on Digital/Offset Print, CD/DVD/Blu-ray or USB. We pride ourselves on working with our clients to create custom and scalable solutions that meet their current needs and can grow with their future needs. We enjoy a leadership position in the industry by combining state-of-the-art technology with the talents of experienced professionals whose priorities are quality, customer service and innovation. Acutrack’s proprietary On Demand production gives customers the ability to produce and ship custom packaged CDs or DVDs one at a time. Ideal for customer’s who are selling downloadable content and are not sure how many units to produce, On Demand takes care of inventory, packaging and fulfillment.

is a new-technology company dedicated to developing innovative and a intuitive products with exceptional quality. Our goal is to advance the capabilities of our users and exceed the expectations of our customers. Our efforts are focused on one singular concept, to develop a better user experience. Flux Media offers enterprise solutions which allow businesses the opportunity to customize Centrafuse for their brand. This partnership gives vendors with established brands a way to market their own infotainment system, without extensive development time and expensive R&D costs. For more information please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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