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The Hallmark of Perfect Binding

What is Book Binding or Book Bindery? It is the process of securing and assembling all the printed pages within a cover, which in most cases is thicker than the inside pages to provide protection and durability to the finished book.

There are several types of binding available today. What you choose would most likely depend upon factors like what is the kind of document you wish bound, where will it be displayed, what is your budget, does it involve frequent use etc.

Some notable types of binding include Spiral bound, Case bound, Saddle stitch and more. One of the most popular binding types is Perfect Bound Printing. It is also known as soft cover or paperback binding. It is most often used for binding soft cover books today. It is comparatively inexpensive and can be produced in large quantities quickly.

Perfect Bound Book Printing is the only binding method, other than from Case Binding that allows for printing on the spine and therefore is very popular for publications that will be displayed on shelves, like novels, magazines, catalogues, or manuals.

It is affordable and yet manages to offer a professional looking end product. This kind of binding works great for annual reports, brochures, catalogues and more.

Perfect Binding Process:

To get a neatly assembled perfect bound book, the interior pages are first stacked together to form a block. Then the side that forms the spine is roughed up with abrasives. This is done because the exposed paper fibres increase the bonding area for adhesion. Hot adhesive is then applied along the roughed up edge of the interior page block.

The cover of the book is then wrapped around the block of pages and it adheres to the adhesive along the spine. Once the glue has dried, the three sides of the book are neatly trimmed to give clean edges.

Advantages of Perfect Binding:

Perfect binding boasts of a number of benefits. Some of them are-

  • They are more cost effective than Hardcover or Casebound binding
  • Perfect binding can have relatively small print runs thus letting the end customer have high quality printed documents on a budget
  • Similar to Case binding, Perfect binding creates a flat spine that can be printed on. A flat spine allows for information such as the title and author’s name to be printed on the spine.
  • It makes the end product look polished and presentable
  • It is highly versatile and can be used for a host of documents like magazines, portfolios, graphics novels, novels etc.
  • Perfect bound books are lighter as compared to Hardbound books and thus easier to carry around and ship

Things to keep in mind before choosing Perfect binding for your work:

Perfect binding is the ideal choice for documents numbering between 48 and 240 pages. Another key thing to keep in mind while choosing this binding option is the thickness of the paper. The true minimum is not a fixed number of pages but the overall thickness of the finished piece. This is important because if the book does not have the minimum thickness, the pages may not glue properly and could fall apart.

Perfect Binding is an easy choice for most work, unless your requirements are completely different.

By picking the right binding technique, you will be able to create a masterpiece that will be stylish, long lasting and cost effective.

At Acutrack, we offer a host of different Binding options including:

Spiral binding – This method joins the pages and cover of a book using a coil that is made of durable plastic. Shaped like a long spring, the coil is inserted and twisted through small holes punched along the spinal edge of the book’s cover and pages. Spiral bound book printing is one of the most economical and widely used methods.

Case bound – A case bound book or hardcover book have durable, protective covers, made from either cardboard wrapped with paper, cloth, or another durable fabric. The spine of the book is covered to safeguard the pages inside. Custom hardcover book printing is perfect for books that need to endure the passage of time and look classy.

Saddle stitch – The saddle wire stitch allows the book to lie flat for reading ease. It can be bound with either a self-cover, or a separate cover. It is the most economical solution. Our saddle-stitched machine is capable of producing up to 200 page books by creating a square edge spine.

Why choose Acutrack as your binding partner?

Acutrack is not just a Book printing company. Other than offering binding and print fulfillment services, Acutrack is also a book fulfillment company.

If you have an established customer base and wish to have full control over your sales, we are the perfect fit for you.

For guidance and help, be it for a journal or a novel, reach out to us for pre press, printing, book print on demand, binding and beyond – [email protected]

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