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You can count on us for perfect-bound book printing with high-quality and competitive prices. Whether you need softcover book printing services for a trade paperback, lifestyle journal, annual report, or personal training manual, Acutrack has you covered. We have fast turnarounds, and our customer service team is ready to give you a range of options for cover and inside paper stock, trim sizes, and much more.We Quickly Print Paperback Books in Every Shape and SizeYour brand and personal reputation benefit from higher quality, and we print perfect-bound books with attention to detail. We’ll be pleased to suggest options that can enhance the look and feel of your book and work hard to fit them into your budget. Few paperback book printers can match the excellent experience you’ll have with Acutrack. It’s why we’re one of the fastest-growing online book printers.

Paperback book printing services provided by Acutrack as shown in this image.
Example of perfect bound book printing services by Acutrack. On demand perfect bound book printing.

Professionally Printed Perfect Bound Books Impress Readers

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a sleek, lightweight paperback book in your reader’s hand. It’s why perfect binding is a popular printing choice for book funnel projects, as it is cost-effective to produce, lightweight to mail, and has a professional appearance. In addition, perfect bound books can be printed in short runs and produced with quick turnarounds to meet your just-in-time needs.

  • More affordable than case-bound (hardcover) books
  • Quality appearance that looks good on a shelf
  • Fully automated binding process for a precise look
  • A range of trim size options including larger ones for photo books

Our perfect-bound book printing is ideal for cost-conscious businesses and organizations requiring a professionally printed appearance. How you print and bind your book says a lot about you, and we keep minimum quantities low enough to be within reach of most self-publishers. Acutrack’s experience and capabilities are unique in the marketplace, and more companies and authors choose us every day.

Want to Set Up Book Printing Order DIY?

Many of our clients work with book content preparation pros to format their books for printing, but we also give you the option to handle it DIY. Setting up any book for perfect-bound printing is as easy as following our order template. Once you have your book formatted in the Acutrack template, you’re ready to submit it. If you have questions or need guidance, our customer support specialists can help.

It’s Never Been Easier or Most Cost-Effective to Print Your Paperback Book

Once we receive your files, we preflight your artwork and perform a quality check. Our preflight process will alert you to any issues. Examples of common ones include missing font specs, low-resolution images, or oversize text. While the responsibility is ultimately yours, we provide the soft proofing process to flag many common errors. Lastly, you’ll receive a hard copy proof before the print run begins.

Example of Acutrack's softcover book printing services. Print your paperback books on demand.

How to Choose the Size for Your Paperback Book

Our production experts are available to discuss the optimal trim size for your book, and you may decide based on aesthetics. For example, we’ve all heard the phrase coffee table book referring to photo-heavy titles that show art and imagery – so there are genres that dictate book size. But it also depends on the audience and uses for your book; for example, in stores, it needs to fit next to others on the shelves.

Online paperback book printing services. On-demand perfect bound book printer, Acutrack.

Print Your Perfect-Bound Book in the Trim Size of Your Choice

Most Popular

5.5″ x 8.5″ or 6″ x 9″

Fiction and non-fiction trade paperbacks; training books, manuals, catalogs, annual reports, magazines

Larger Sizes

7″ x 10 ” or 8.5” x 11”

Photo books, journals, calendars, some catalogs, and magazines

Landscape sizes

9” x 7” or 11” x 8.5”

Elegant art & photography tabletop books and children’s books.

We‘re The Best Perfect-Bound Book Printer You’ll Find Online

Many online paperback book printing services limit you to digital or offset printing, but Acutrack gives you a choice. There’s no question digital printing is the more cost-effective option for the smaller print runs of many self-published books. But if you have a higher-volume business (quantity of 2,000 or more), there can be economies of scale in offset printing. We’re here to give you comparisons to help you decide. Acutrack Can Help with Order Fulfillment and Other Details We print perfect-bound books every day and have considerable expertise to share. As a result, many established companies have switched to Acutrack after initial experiences with others. Many add our industry-leading fulfillment services and have us warehouse and ship their books once they are printed. We can even help ship collateral with your book or finishing touches like sending signed copies.

With Us, You’re Always in Control

Your book’s content and how it fits within the pages also can affect the trim size. If your word count is not long, you may do better with a smaller 5.5″ x 8.5″ trim size so that the spine ends up wide enough to print the titles and your name as the author. These are the details you can discuss with us to help you make the best decision. They’re all part of the support you receive when printing with us.

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