The Joys and Challenges of Paper and E-books

I remember the nervous feeling in my stomach when an airport announcement called me back to security. I'd checked a bag and, according to the prominently posted instructions, left it unlocked. I had nothing to hide. Still, I wondered about the unexpected attention my bag received. The puzzle was about the thick book I'd packed.

The X-ray machine couldn't penetrate it, and the officer on duty was afraid to open my luggage. Once I arrived to reveal my harmless treasure, airline personnel put me on a cart to speed me to my plane. If I'd chosen an e-book, I could have avoided the temporary glitch, but also many of the joys of a printed volume.

Why paper?

My experience illustrates that printed books can also be a boon in the digital age. They might be big, heavy and you can't easily slip them in a purse or pocket. However, traditional volumes also provide many advantages and true pleasures. It is easier to concentrate while scanning words on paper. Without the distraction of incoming emails, text messages or sales alerts, reading retention improves.

You'll never have to recharge a paper book. You can lend one to a friend, display it on your coffee table, pass it down to your children, or recover some of your investment by selling it. You can adjust the recipes in your cookbooks with the stroke of a pen and can highlight crucial instructions in a manual.

Paper books are a sensory experience. You can sniff the fragrance that transports you to new worlds, and revel in the glossy feel of a cover an artist has labored to create. The sound of pages turning is like beloved music evoking memories and deep emotions.

Why e-books?
E-books are a natural part of our digital world. They are easy to distribute globally and offer instant gratification to the reader. You can order and download a whole library. If you encounter an unknown word, you can look it up on a built-in dictionary.

Your cellphone, tablet, reader, or computer can all become homes for your e-books. They require no shelf or locker space. If your eyes are tired, or just getting a bit older, you can adjust the font of an e-book for comfort. E-books can also give you access to more authors.

E-books can put less stress on a book lover's budget. They are often relatively inexpensive when compared to print versions, especially when reading on a device that serves multiple functions.

Personal Preference

Whether it's a paper book or an e-book, it's a matter of preference. One thing is for sure: Both are here to stay. Each has its advantages, and even in the current digital age, both can coexist. Humans are visual and tactile by nature. They still would like to see and feel things with their eyes and hands whether printed or electronic.

Producing the books you need

If you are an author, whatever form your readers ultimately choose, Acutrack can be your partner in getting your book to your readers. We are experts in book manufacturing, packaging, promotion, and fulfillment. Submit a PDF to us, and we will speed the magic of your words into your customers' eager hands.

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