Writing a book and getting it published is an effective marketing tool for people spanning multiple professions. Be it a life- coach or an entrepreneur, a book based on their leanings and experiences is a great way to not only generate credibility but also connect with their customer/reader base directly. It can serve as the vital first step in creating a sales funnel for the expert. Unfortunately, not all of us are skilled writers. A few of us are endowed with the ability to effortlessly articulate our thoughts. Some of us struggle to finish an email. Most of us have numerous ideas swimming in our heads but only a few sentences to write about them. There are a few challenges that first-time authors are likely to encounter when they begin their writing journeys.  Here are some ideas to help you actually get your book to your base even if you are not a writer.

When you have a book topic and the writing skill to go with it:

For those who have a crystal-clear idea or a definitive topic on which they can write a book, must immediately get down to doing it. You can chalk out a list of writing goals and stick to them by practising effective writing habits. Constant reviewing of your progress will keep you on track to achieving the ultimate goal of finishing your book. 
Once ready, you can self-edit your book or hire the help of professional editors. This is succeeded by designing your book cover and getting it formatted. Now your work is ready to be published. Publishing a book is no longer a tedious process for a first-time author as several options exist for

self-publishing, print on demand and as well as marketing your body of work. 

When you have a book idea but need help in developing it 

An author is the core writer or the originator of the book idea. At times, turning this idea into a book can come across hurdles. Lack of time or expertise on the subject can become a major obstacle. Under such circumstances, you can reach out to a writer, who is also a subject expert, to collaborate with you in creating the book. 

You can work in tandem with the co-author by assigning specific tasks to him/her. The co-author can be expected to write certain sections of the book or help with research pertaining to the book. Either way, it is your idea or concept and the co-author is just assisting you in developing and fulfilling that idea. 

Want to write a book, but don’t know how to? 

You are a subject expert but lack the time to put down your expertise into words. The message of your book may get lost or diluted if the quality of writing is below par. To tackle this, you can hire a ghostwriter.

A ghostwriter is someone whose job is to pen down your thoughts and ideas. They are complete professionals and hiring one would help you take that first step towards writing a book. A specialist in the job, a ghostwriter can get the work done sooner than you would have whilst juggling your busy schedule. 

Writing demands tenacity and relentless practice. It requires discipline and needs you to adhere to whatever writing goals you have set. If you cannot commit to such rigor, it is best to hire the services of a ghostwriter. He/she will write your book, but you will be its author. You will be the absolute owner of the final output and your name appears on the book cover.

Writing to stay relevant 

If you’re a life-coach or entrepreneur, you are probably sharing your thoughts on different platforms. Now it is time to capitalise on those and actually stitch them together into a book. This book can work wonders for your credibility in your profession. Writing a book is a great way to differentiate your brand and expand your business through wider outreach. You can use any of the options cited above to get started with your book. 

Once ready, your book can be published in various ways. You can either go through the traditional publishing way or take the easier route of self-publishing. 

Why Choose Acutrack as your partner?

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