Leading-edge, San Francisco-based fulfillment company, Acutrack, has recently joined with cutting edge mailing solution, FIMS Mailview, to offer the most economical and reliable shipping service to international markets, further increasing its clients’ business expansion worldwide.

San Francisco, August 29, 2016: Businesses aspiring for a global client base but worried about pricey international shipping costs can finally heave a sigh of relief! Leading San Francisco-based fulfillment company Acutrack now offers the most economical shipping solution to international markets by partnering with new-age mailing agent, FIMS Mailview.

Acutrack is completely integrated with FedEx International MailService Mailview (FIMS Mailview), including its tracking number system. This integration guarantees a reliable and economical mailing avenue to reach out to a global audience conveniently.

“We know you are always worried about exorbitant international shipping costs when it comes to catering to your global customer base. But such pricey issues are a thing of the past now with our partnership with FIMS Mailview, which is designed to help you in selling and shipping to the USA and international markets in the most affordable way. Our new offering is especially useful for startups launching new products in Indiegogo and Kickstarter, who have to ship their items to backers worldwide. With FIMS Mailview, you have a robust solution that will streamline your business and help it expand, without you worrying about your pocketbook,” stated Raj Barman, CEO of Acutrack, Inc.

A high-profile name in the American fulfillment scene, Acutrack is one of the biggest minority-owned firms in the San Francisco Bay area. The company caters to businesses looking for an effective fulfillment solution for both B2B and B2C shipping. Acutrack is integrated with over 40 commerce labels, covering almost every popular shopping cart. Its proprietary fulfillment software assures absolute order and inventory management – and also enables its clients to produce items on-demand.


Here is how FIMS Mailview would work-

  • The user’s FedEx would pick up the package from Acutrack’s fulfillment center.
  • FedEx would deliver the mail items right to its mail sorting center.
  • The mail sorting center would then sort, stamp & transport the user’s mail straight to desired destination nation postal authorities.
  • Those postal authorities would deliver the mail with care.

“The FIMS tracking number begins registering data once the air waybill is processed in Los Angeles (CA) or Newark (NJ) and reads it as “In Transit to Destination Country” until it arrives in the recipient’s international postal system. The tracking is updated by the carrier (usually first on their own postal website) and then registers tracking until delivery,” said Antony Selvaraj, VP Technology of Acutrack, Inc.


Acutrack’s newly introduced FIMS Mailview would be the ideal fit when it comes to:

  • a company looking for an affordable international shipping solution for low-value goods.
  • a business that needs to send goods overseas to clients who do not ask for a delivery by a certain date yet desire timely processing (FedEx typically hands off to the destination nation’s postal service within 4-7 business days).
  • a company aspiring to grow its business globally and easily but is not exactly acquainted with shipping and deliveries internationally.
  • a business that needs better value and quality than what are currently offered by USPS First Class International Mail services.

The newly-introduced FIMS Mailview has received rave reviews from user companies. “FIMS is here to help us expand our reach overseas. I just launched my new business selling medicinal herbs, and FIMS’ low shipping rates helped us immensely to meet our international shipments successfully,” noted Martyn Williams, owner of Kailash Traditional Wisdom and a happy user of Acutrack’s FIMS.

To learn more about FIMS Mailview from Acutrack, visit www.acutrack.com.

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