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A book can be an important differentiator for entrepreneurs. Social media is a hotbed for activity and networking but still, it lacks the credibility and connect that a book can give you. 

Writing a book on a subject of your expertise/business gives potential clients an understanding of what exactly you know and how you contribute to their business. The flaming question here is how do you make a non-fiction book interesting?

The answer is via Storytelling.

Often, nonfiction writers overlook the importance of storytelling, especially when they write self-help, prescriptive nonfiction, or how-to books. 

Stories provide a powerful tool that can enrich any type of nonfiction project and increase its readability, and thus, its fan base.

Power of Stories:

“The human species thinks in metaphors and learns through stories.” –Mary Catherine Bateson

According to research, interacting with stories activates all the parts of the brain used when experiencing the events in the story. Stories connect, engage, and cannot be untold and they go beyond factual answers to questions. They break down barriers by playing on empathy and bring you face to face with universal truths via brilliant narration.

While fiction books entertain, a nonfiction book informs, instructs, and inspires. This is the reason that nonfiction books tend to sell more copies the world over. People are constantly on the lookout to expand their knowledge and upgrade their skills. If the elements of good storytelling can be mixed with a great takeaway, you have a winner in your hands.

The purpose of a nonfiction book is to make the reader identify and care for an issue. Only when a person chooses to care for or relate to an issue can a solution be discussed. Storytelling makes empathy a possibility, triggering sensations and emotions.

Besides, stories are an integral part of how we think and communicate; they add life to boring factual information and infuse it with personal and powerful accounts.

Why storytelling is absolutely necessary for a non-fiction book:

  • Very often, a non-fiction book tends to veer towards redundancy and monotony. If the piece is full of facts, figures, and statistics, the empathetic lens provided with storytelling will make the factual information tangible
  • Stories add a dimension of wisdom and experience
  • When done well, stories can relate vicarious learning experience that will become memorable and convincing
  • Finding the story in non-fiction requires in-depth understanding of the context, especially in the case of personal nonfiction, where introspection brings the writer to greater self-realization, which in turn is projected onto the reader

How to infuse storytelling in your nonfiction book?

The simplest manner to include storytelling in your nonfiction book is to introduce the most basic rules of storytelling – the three-part structure of a solid beginning, a distinct middle, and an intriguing ending.

Another way to make it interesting is by introducing healthy, well-fleshed-out characters instead of just listing out a series of facts and events.

You can grab the reader’s attention by adding relevant quotes or a question or by including an interesting anecdote that can lead to the information you wish to share.

Language plays an important role. Impactful yet simple language that reflects the emotion you wish to convey is a very important tool you can use.

Remember to keep these three key elements in mind while writing a bestselling nonfiction book:

  • A universal problem and a clear solution
  • A process to reach a goal based on solid research
  • Establish author credibility to ensure trust and accuracy

Begin your journey towards becoming a published author and give impetus to your journey as a coach/ trainer/ expert in your field right away. 

If you wish to take the route of self-publishing, a book printing company like Acutrack can make your job easier by not just printing your work but also by delivering it across the globe.

Why Choose Acutrack as your partner?

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Corporate headquarters and fulfillment center:

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Branch office and fulfillment center:

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Cincinnati, OH 45227

Toll-Free: (888) 234-3472
Phone: (925) 579-5000
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