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How to Print a Self-Published Book and Sell It Online

Individuals and companies want to self-publish books for many important reasons, and Acutrack is ready to help, regardless of yours. Our book printing and fulfillment solutions are created to support self-publishers of many types. We improve customer service, save time, and ensure customers are satisfied when they order books online. If you’ve been looking into print-on-demand companies, you owe it to yourself to discover why our just-in-time printing model works better.

Acutrack’s technology-driven infrastructure makes it easy to upload your book online for printing. Once it’s underway, integration to our book order fulfillment system is quick and direct – regardless of your eCommerce platform or marketplace. At each step of the process, we save you time and provide the service for surprisingly economical rates. You can print higher quality books with more options than you can with print-on-demand and fulfill your online orders with one-day turnarounds even during peak demand periods.

What are the Biggest Challenges of Getting a Book Published?

 There are many challenges that authors face when going the traditional publishing route. The first is the sheer number of manuscripts that agents and publishers are sent on a daily basis. When you look into how many Americans actually want to get published, it amounts to approximately 200 million people. Because of this, publishing agencies can only accept those that they are immediately interested in.

Even if your book is the cream of the crop, you may have a difficult time finding an agent or a publisher. After all, what people want to read (and therefore publish) is largely up to the personal preference of the people behind the publishing. No matter how good your book is, some people won’t be into it. The success of printed media is a wild card.

When you get rejections for queries, it is also incredibly disheartening. It can stop some authors from continuing to submit and try their hand at getting published. 

Additionally, there are a lot of costs that go into traditionally publishing a novel. You’ll need to pay editors, sensitivity readers, and other people to help you through the publishing process. You also will be contracted to give a huge chunk of your profits to your agent and your publisher, which skims down your already meager paycheck.


Issues With Traditional Printing

In fact, one of the biggest issues with traditional publishing is how authors get paid. The author doesn’t even get paid directly for the work — they sell it to the publishing house in exchange for royalty fees. The book no longer belongs to you as the writer, but will instead belong to the people who put it out into the world. You’ll get a little portion of every sale.

Let’s say hypothetically that you have a book on sale for $20. The publisher may give you a 20% royalty of the earnings, which means that you will only make $4 off of each sale. Clearly, this isn’t a fair salary considering the work that you did when writing your book.

If you do get this $4, however, you can still count yourself as one of the lucky ones. 90% of queries are simply rejected off the bat.


What Is The Best Option For Book Printing and Fulfillment?

At this point, you’re likely concerned about the future of your masterpiece. That’s totally valid. But we have some good news to share with you: there’s hope.

Of course, you can allow digital orders for ebooks, but since 65% of readers prefer to purchase physical copies, it’s important that you have an option for that as well.

Your first thought may be to use print-on-demand book fulfillment as an alternative to traditional publishing. It’s one method of self-publishing that allows you to sell print copies of your book after putting it out online. It allows you to print a physical copy of your book whenever someone orders it.

However, on-demand printing has its limitations. Normally, books are printed in “runs” that create multiple copies at once. The process involves printing numerous pages on a large sheet of paper and then cutting them apart, among other procedures. With print-on-demand, though, only one book is printed at a time. This means the normal process can’t be used, so print-on-demand books are limited to certain book sizes, kinds of paper, and other traits. It’s also less efficient to print a single book at a time, which makes it more expensive.

Acutrack is a great solution because we can print in smaller runs. This avoids both the inefficiency of print-on-demand and the expense of large print runs. We have a variety of printing and binding option like softcover, hardcover, spiral binding etc. We also handle fulfillment whenever someone orders your book.

As an author or a businessperson publishing a book (whether a training book, a biography or a coloring book ), you can put your book up on Amazon or your website and allow online orders of physical copies. Once the order is placed, our system (that has already been integrated with it) receives the order. We then ship your book to the person who ordered it ASAP!


How Can An Author Sell Their Own Book?

Selling your own book as an author can be difficult. Self-publishing makes this even more true since you’ll need to promote it by yourself and ensure that you engage your audience. However, it’s completely possible to reach out to your target audience and share your story with those who want to read it.


Create an eCommerce Website

The first step to this is creating a website, which could be done with many of the eCommerce platforms available. You’ll want to include photos of your book as well as a short synopsis, relevant snippets, and links to order it. You also will want to make sure that all other books you’ve previously published are easily accessible.

Make sure that this website is engaging and interesting to your target audience. Use colors that evoke the emotions that your novel is meant to. Yellow and orange are perfect for fun adventure stories or feisty fantasies, but calm and neutral hues of blue are better for nonfiction books and guides. Use bold text and simple navigation to enhance your website.

Additionally, you’ll want to set up social media pages for your novel. Make sure that you link to your eCommerce site on these platforms. This is a great way to draw in an already-interested audience!


Use a Fulfillment Company With Book Printing

When people place orders and you need to print your novel, using a professional fulfillment company is essential. If you decide to try and print your book by yourself, it’s likely to turn out sloppy, unprofessional, and of such a low quality that it will disappoint readers by falling apart quickly.

Working with printing experts that have appropriate tools and resources ensures that your buyers will be happy with their purchase and that they can enjoy your book to the fullest extent possible.

To make the process as seamless as possible, use a combined printing and fulfillment company that integrates with your eCommerce software. This way, when someone places an order on your website, it’s automatically forwarded to the printer for fulfillment.


Sell Your Story Today!

While there are many aspects of self-publishing, printing your book is by far one of the most important. That’s why it’s essential that you get speedy and high-quality media that can be distributed to your readers.

Get a quote for how much your print-on-demand book fulfillment needs will cost. Our experts are happy to calculate costs as well as to answer any lingering questions you may have about self-publishing. We look forward to helping you share your story with the audience that needs to hear it and get your message out to your readers!



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