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It’s easy to set up your book for printing and shipping with Acutrack — you’ll make a small initial time investment and reap the rewards for months or years to come. It’s all because of our unique just-in-time solution that’s technology-driven to improve efficiency and keep inventory costs low. If you’ve tried print-on-demand companies and had issues, let us help you turn things around.

Save Time and Money – and Have Quality Books Shipped Faster.

The two main advantages of working with us, as you’ll see below, are expanded book printing options and an easy direct connection to Acutrack’s industry-leading order fulfillment system. We’ll print your book to rival the quality of marquee publishers and quickly fulfill your book orders worldwide. If you’re interested in working with us, read on to find out how to get started.

How to Print and Ship Books from your own website using our Shopify and Woocommerce APIs
Graphic showing the initial stage of Acutrack's book order fulfillment.

Request a Quote/Sign-Up with Acutrack

Begin by submitting your name and project info to our Account Management team using this easy-to-submit online form.

We’re ready to help with all your book printing and order fulfillment needs. Our Account Managers are experienced in assisting companies and self-publishers of all types and sizes. Let us know your sales goals and order-fulfillment needs, and we’ll help you print and ship better-looking books for great prices.

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Submit Your Book Content for Printing

Upload your book content to our server using our content submission template that guides you through the process.

Our systems are designed to help companies and individuals who self-publish their books to submit content to us DIY. If you delegate the responsibilities to a content preparation professional, they’ll find our system convenient to use. It’s a user-friendly set-up designed to save you time.

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For authors you can upload your book content online as shown in this graphic.

Connect Your Book Order System to Acutrack

We connect to any eCommerce platform or marketplace you use to take book orders. When you work with us, it appears to your customers as if you handle order fulfillment in-house.

With most print-on-demand companies, their system overshadows yours. Acutrack works efficiently in the background while your name and branding stay in the spotlight. You manage your revenue, keep your customer data, and have the option to ship collateral with books when you work with us.

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Image representing Acutrack's online book printing and shipping site integration.
Image showing how easy it is to ship books to customers with Acutrack's book fulfillment.

Review Your Book Content Before It’s Printed

Our prepress team reviews your content submission and advises you of opportunities for corrections and improvements. You decide when you’re satisfied and give the go-ahead to print.

We build quality checks into the print process and suggest you view a proof copy before the digital or offset book printing begins. You’re never alone when you work with us, and our production pros are available to you at every step of the process. You’ll impress your clients with high-quality books.

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Focus on Your Business as We Quickly Fulfill Orders

Your customers will smile when we fulfill your book orders the same day, including merchandise or collateral. Acutrack has state-of-the-art global logistics and book shipping capabilities.

Our just-in-time printing system based on your sales forecasts helps meet demand smoothly even during peak order periods. Our system can adjust to your order volume event if it varies significantly. It’s an improvement over the delays and frustrations your customers have with print-on-demand.

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Representation of a book printer. With Acutrack printing your book online has never been easier. We offer the best on-demand printing and order fulfillment in the industry.

We’re One-of-a-Kind in the Book Industry

Acutrack is an industry leader disrupting the book printing and order fulfillment space with better methods and outstanding customer service. We’ve revolutionized book printing on demand with a better model that speeds up customer service while keeping your inventory costs low. It also allows us to offer you a vastly expanded range of printing options that significantly improve your book’s quality.

Do Better than Ordinary Print-on-Demand Services

We understand you have a business to run and need printing and order fulfillment taken off your hands by a thorough, conscientious service that makes you look good. It’s what we’ve designed our systems to do, and our people have years of experience in the field. We only charge for the service, and the support we’ll give you for prepress and order set-up is complimentary and available when you need it.

Still on the Fence? Try Asking Yourself These Questions …

  • Do I need higher-quality books to support my image and brand?
  • Do I Want to consider more binding options (perfect boundcase boundspiral, or wire-o)?
  • Do I need quick order fulfillment and shipping anywhere in the world?
  • Have I had frustrating experiences with other on-demand printers?
  • Will I benefit from Acutrack’s unique print and ship model?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above,

contact us today to upgrade your book printing and order fulfillment.

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