Better Book Fulfillment Boosts Profits and Satisfies Customers

Self-publishers of all kinds face many choices about their books. One of the biggest ones is how to handle book order fulfillment. Getting it right can boost profits and satisfy readers.

When people buy books online, they are excited to read them. Making it quick and easy for target readers to get their copies is crucial to your success. Given the realities, it’s surprising how many authors and businesses that self-publish may not take book fulfillment seriously.

Making it challenging for people to order your book or having them wait too long to receive their copies can get things off on the wrong foot. Therefore, shop around before you decide.

What should you look for in a book fulfillment company?

  • Quick shipping – orders should go out the next business day
  • The ability to scale up – being ready for peak demand periods matters
  • Seamless integration with eCommerce – connecting fulfillment to order intake
  • Order progress dashboards – keeping you informed about each order
  • Warehousing capabilities – smooth fulfillment requires inventory
  • Domestic and international shipping – let customers ship anywhere

There’s heavy competition in the bookselling marketplace today, and you want to get it right with every detail. When you do, you make an excellent first impression and ensure your book’s success.

Can’t I Just Use a Print-on-Demand Company?

Print-on-demand was the overwhelming choice among self-publishers for book printing and fulfillment. But it’s been a while, and some question whether it’s the best choice.

We receive many of those calls at Acutrack and hear the stories firsthand. Some people wish they had more flexibility in printing their booksbinding options, paper stock choices, trim sizes, etc.

Other people who are active marketers want their customer data. Who is buying their books? Because having the names and email addresses means upselling opportunities in many forms.

Still, others have talked to us about customer wait times and “bottlenecks.” In other words, during a busy season like Christmas, their customers are waiting a long time for their book shipments.

Therefore, it’s easy to see why people want to learn more about book fulfillment options.

A Combination Book Printing and Fulfillment Service is One Solution

As self-publishers move away from traditional on-demand book printing, they must replace its services. 

At Acutrack, we’ve listened and paid attention as we’ve built our business. We offer top-quality book printing to help you compete against the big guys, and our order fulfillment is second to none.

We can offer you multiple advantages over on-demand printing.

  1. Expanded book printing options with higher quality
  2. Next-business-day shipping for your book orders
  3. Seamless connectivity with any eCommerce (Amazon Marketplace included)
  4. Warehousing and scale-up capabilities for peak demand periods
  5. Online dashboards so you can check the status of any order
  6. Control over your pricing, revenue, and customer data
  7. Ship collateral merchandise with your books
  8. Offer customers add-ons like wrapping or autographed copies

If inventory costs are on your mind, here is how our “just-in-time” book printing model works.

You decide on how many copies to print based on your sales forecasts. If you want to be conservative to avoid tying up dollars in inventory, we will keep minimum quantities reasonable. You can go for a second printing once you see how your book sells.

There are so many advantages of skipping print-on-demand that it’s easy to see why more self-publishers choose book printing and fulfillment outside the on-demand system.

A stack of books printed using on-demand printing and order fulfillment by Acutrack.

Building Direct Customer Relationships Matters

Publishing a book opens the door to many other business opportunities. In fact, an increasing number of businesspeople write books purely for promotional value.

Building direct customer relationships makes your book project pay off in the long run.

Order fulfillment services like ours that put you in the driver’s seat make your book a new customer acquisition method. You’ll build an email list of interested customers as you sell copies. What could be better and easier (and more profitable)?

You can return to those customers with other books or promote your products or services.

Because we allow you to sell books direct from your own eCommerce platform or Amazon marketplace; customers will think you fulfill orders in-house. You can even have branded packaging if you choose.

The Book Fulfillment Opportunities Beyond Print-on-Demand

When you stay inside the print-on-demand (POD) system, you let other companies take a bigger cut of your book’s profits. You remain in control when you find a fulfillment company to handle your orders.

For self-publishers with limited long-term goals, the sacrifices of on-demand may be worth it for convenience. But if you have bigger aspirations for your book, thinking twice may be in order.

When you work with us at Acutrack, we handle you and your book with a custom-designed setup. We’ll listen to your goals, print books how you want them to look, and fulfill your orders seamlessly.

You’ll enjoy better results from your book project with a top-notch books warehousing and fulfillment service on your side.

How Much Does Book Order Fulfillment Service Cost?

If you’re just beginning to weigh alternatives to traditional print on demand, you may be surprised by the affordable low prices you can find for quality book fulfillment.

  • Multiple options when you stay outside the on-demand book printing system
  • You keep all the profits from book sales and pay for fulfillment at a low per-copy price

There’s every reason to learn how to sell your book directly or on Amazon marketplace and around for an outside fulfillment service, ideally one with some warehousing capabilities.

When costs are low, and you aren’t giving away a cut of your book’s profits, your chance of earning income is higher. It all concerns writing a quality book and accurately forecasting its sales.

Acutrack employee fulfilling book orders following print-on-demand services.

Conclusion: The Best Way to Fulfill Your Book Orders

You can go beyond the on-demand model to improve customer service and boost your profits with the best book fulfillment service.

They’ll help you ship quickly and track their progress, include collateral items, and provide an outstanding customer experience,

If you’re interested in learning more about our services at Acutrack, reach out today. We’d be delighted to discuss your needs. Our system can offer many worthwhile advantages that improve your chances of success. You’ve poured your heart and soul into writing and printing your book.

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