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The world’s foremost publishing houses choose hardcover book printing for their marquee titles, and now self-publishers can have the same quality with Acutrack. Also known as casebound or hardback book printing, it’s the way to showcase quality by selecting a premium binding option. Regardless of your book type, a hardcover binding will upgrade its appearance and the perceived value with your customers.

Ideal for Business & Self-Help Books, Children’s Titles, Art or Coffee Table Books & More

If your brand identity is at the upper end of your sector, it’s wise to consider printing your book with a case binding. It has a look of permanence that exceeds other options and becomes a durable keepsake book. People expect quality touches like case binding if you’re pricing your book and services in the upper tier. It costs more to print but supports your pricing strategy and premium brand positioning.

Case bound book printing by Acutrack. Books like the one shown in this image used on demand hardcover book printing services.

Expertly Printed Case Bound Books are a Brand Asset

Case-bound book printing is a natural extension of brand imaging for high-end self-publishers. Many of our corporate and personal development training clients see its value in making the needed impression with clients. It’s why we provide all the options you’d have if a renowned publishing house released your book. We close the gap between their books and independent publishing.

  • Superior quality 2.5 mm (0.098 points) thick coverboard – 100% recycled material

  • Heavy paper endsheets – customizable with artwork or color

  • Book covers are printed on gloss art paper and then laminated with gloss or matte lamination

  • Optional dust jackets to give your book a visually impactful appearance

We print hardcover books with high-quality case binding materials and paper stock. There are no sacrifices, and our pricing is surprisingly competitive. You’ll be impressed with the finished product, and you can select digital printing for smaller runs and economical offset printing for quantities of 2,000 or above. If you need anything special or custom, never hesitate to inquire, and we’ll always try to help.

Example of hardback book printing. Acutrack is a global leader in providing of custom hardcover book printing services.
Print hardcover books like "Legend" with Acutrack. Authors can print case bound books as part of Acutrack's on demand book fulfillment services.

Take Care of Case-Bound Book Printing Set-Up

Formatting and set-up for printing is straightforward on the Acutrack Case-bound book template.

 We’ve created it to be within the abilities of many self-publishers, or you can work with a graphic designer  to finalize the set-up for case-bound printing. Our client support specialists are always available to answer questions or provide needed information.

You’ll be Impressed by the Ease and Affordability of Our Service

Once you’ve submitted your content for printing, we’ll run a preflight check and alert you to any suggested corrections. We recommend purchasing a case-bound proof copy to review the final look before the print run. You’ve put a lot of work into your book and owe it to yourself to have it turn out just as you envision. As soon as you approve, we can produce your case-bound book.

Print Size Options for Hardcover Books

There are many considerations for book size, and much depends on its use. If you have questions or need to discuss your options before deciding, talk to our case-bound book printing experts. We’re worked with companies and authors from nearly every sector and can share ideas about what has proven successful. Sometimes, fitting in on a shelf is the goal, while it’s standing out for others.

Print Your Case-Bound Book in Your Choice of Trim Sizes


6” x 9" or 8.5" x 11"

Standard sizes for hardcover books, both non-fiction and fiction


9” x 7" or 11" x 8.5"

Often requested for photo books, journals, and some manuals


8.5” x 8.5”

Unique sizing that is eye-catching; works for children’s books

Custom Sizes

Have a custom request? Ask us, and we’ll give you a quote.

Our goal is to help you select the optimal hardcover print size for your book and finish it with everything needed to communicate it’s superior value. Veteran book PR people remind self-publishers of all types about the importance of quality printing and formatting for success. Each year, the competition increases for every hardcover book type and you need to make the best first impression that’s possible.

Hardcover book printing service was used by the author of "The Circle Diet"

Acutrack is the Best Case-Bound Book Printer on the Internet

The most successful printers are all about getting it right with the details. We’ll discuss your options at every phase of the print process, and if you like facts, here are some highlights: our book covers are high quality 2.5 mm (0.098 points) thickness; we recommend 100 lb. uncoated stock for end pages; dust jackets are on 55 lb. coated stock; other paper weights are standard for manuals and training books.

Hardcover Books Printed with Us Have an Elevated Appearance

When you print a case-bound book with us, everything is first class and competitive with the bestselling (and looking) books on the market. Our attention to detail throughout the process will give you peace of mind and make completing your hardcover book project quicker and easier. Your complete satisfaction is our goal, and everyone on our team has the experience to help you do your best. Contact Acutract for a quote of our hardcover book printing services.

Print the Best Hardcover Book at Competitive Prices With Acutrack!

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