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Hardcover book printing represents the publishing industry’s hallmark of quality, and it’s now available to self-publishers from Acutrack. We produce case-bound books (the industry term for hardcover) of the finest quality, allowing you to be fully competitive against traditionally published titles. No matter what genre your book is in, hardcover binding ensures it will be regarded as valuable and high-end.

A Natural Choice for Books of Quality and Permanence
In both Fiction and Nonfiction Genres, Ideal also for Photo and Cookbooks

It’s wise to consider hardcover book printing for your brand. It improves value perceptions and supports a premium image. Reader surveys, both formal and informal, support the idea that people instantly regard a case-bound book as higher quality – it has a look and feel of permanence. If your revenue plans include pricing your book in the upper tier, print it in hardcover to support your premium positioning.

Case bound book printing by Acutrack. Books like the one shown in this image used on demand hardcover book printing services.

Elegantly Printed Hardcover Books are a Branding Statement

Self-publishers operating in the premium tier benefit significantly from case-bound book printing. Hardcover editions are an instant branding statement. For example, we print hardcover books for our corporate clients and personal trainers. Each needs to make an excellent first impression, and the case-bound book does it – we empower independent publishers to compete with the big guys.

  • Highest quality (98 mm thick) 100% recycled coverboard
  • Heavyweight paper endsheets – add your custom artwork and color
  • Add a dust jacket to your hardcover book to make it eye-catching

We print hardcover books in the highest caliber paper stock and binding material. You’ll have quality on par with the finest and be delighted with our competitive prices. Your finished books will be second to none, and we give you the choice of digital printing for shorter press runs and economical offset for larger runs of 2,000 or more. You enjoy the best of all worlds; custom printing is our specialty.

Example of hardback book printing. Acutrack is a global leader in providing of custom hardcover book printing services.
Print hardcover books like "Legend" with Acutrack. Authors can print case bound books as part of Acutrack's on demand book fulfillment services.

With Us, You Can Set Up Hardcover Book Printing DIY

Acutrack’s book printing service is designed to support self-publishers who choose to set up their hardcover print runs DIY. You can create your book using our content upload template or work with our support specialists to finalize your setup. Either way, we simplify the process and keep it easily within your abilities to print your case-bound book – and our customer service team is ready to assist.

We’re Your Ally in Publishing a High-Quality, Profitable Book.

You’ll benefit from our systematic process to a perfectly published book. After you submit your content, we run a pre-flight check. It helps alert you of any things to correct. It’s also recommended that you order a proof copy in case-bound form before we press the print button. From start to finish, our only goal is to help you print your book exactly as you have envisioned.

Choose the Best Size for Your Hardcover Book

Printing your book in the perfect size can help it sell and be more user-friendly. Our Acutrack case-bound book printing specialists are available to provide information if you have questions before you decide. They understand best practices for every genre and can let you know what has worked the best for others who have been successful. It’s a choice of fitting in with or standing out from your competitors.

Print Your Hardcover Book with Us in Any Trim Size


6” x 9" or 8.5" x 11"

Classic size for hardcover books, non-fiction or fiction


9” x 7" or 11" x 8.5"

Popular for photo books, journals, and some manuals


8.5” x 8.5”

Unexpected shape that is unique; works well for calendars

Custom Sizes

Need a custom size? Ask us, and we’ll provide a quote.

Regardless of which trim size you choose, we’re with you at every step of the hardcover book self-publishing process. We’ll help ensure your finished product communicates superior value to your readers with quality printing and formatting. We know you face a competitive marketplace where only the best succeed. With our hardcover book printers on your side, you’ll have every advantage.

Hardcover book printing service was used by the author of "The Circle Diet"

We're the Best Case-Bound Book Printer Online

When you give us the print order for your case-bound book, we’ll get every detail correct. You’ll be informed throughout the publishing process at every phase. Here are just a few highlights of the premium quality you can expect. Our book covers are high quality, 98 mm thickness; we recommend 100 lb. uncoated stock for end pages; dust jackets are on 55 lb. glossy stock; other paper weights are standard for manuals and training books.

Ready to Find Out More About Hardcover Book Printing?

If you’re ready to print a bestseller that takes the market by storm or a self-published hardcover book or journal to support your branding objectives, Acutrack can help. Our attention to detail and consistent quality throughout the publishing process will impress you. It will give you comfort that your project is in the right hands. Our team is 100 percent focused on your complete satisfaction.

Print Your Hardcover Book at a Great Price With Acutrack!

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