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The ever-expanding book publishing world is a land of opportunity for self-publishers today with the right book printing and fulfillment services. If you’re an individual author, self-help expert, or company publishing books as a service to clients, our Ultimate Guide to Book Printing and Fulfillment Services will help. It outlines various steps of the process and the greater opportunities, profitability, and customer satisfaction you’ll enjoy when you work with the right people. It’s not difficult to do, and it’s surprisingly cost-effective – but it requires breaking free from the print-on-demand model in favor of better methods.

Think Twice Before Your Sign Up for Print-on-Demand

Because nearly every business has peak demand periods, sometimes unique and sometimes aligned with the holiday gift season, etc., having a printer and book fulfillment service capable of scaling up is vital. Print-on-demand can be a bottleneck during peak demand periods leaving your readers and clients with long waits for their books. You’ll have happier customers when your printing and fulfillment house works smarter, as we do at Acutrack with a just-in-time printing model and scalable order processing capabilities. You can also print and ship your books with many more customization options.

Look for These Capabilities in Book Printers with Order Fulfillment

Why is an All-in-One Solution Important?

Photo of Acutrack customer support for marketing collateral and value added book fulfillment services.Profitability and customer satisfaction depend on efficiency, and working with an order fulfillment service also offering print services is the best method. It helps you operate with lower inventory and minimal planning on your part. The book fulfillment house can produce batches of books quickly and add them to inventory to meet your sales needs. It’s far more efficient than working with two companies at different locations, leaving you to forecast inventory needs and coordinate shipments between the two companies. When you have an all-in-one provider, they can help you manage both parts of the process.

Efficiency Helps Profitability and Improves Customer Service

It’s also why we’re technology-driven at Acutrack because as we provide these services, we include online dashboards that allow our customers to watch their inventories and orders. We’ve built it to connect to any eCommerce set-up (Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, etc.) with a special eye on Amazon Marketplace. You’ll enjoy many advantages when you sell books on Amazon Marketplace and have us print and ship them rather than using POD. One of the biggest ones is keeping your customer data, so your book buyers become your customers directly, and you can build relationships with them.

High-Quality Book Printing and Packaging Also Matter

Employee packaging and fulfilling a book order.

The quality of your book printing says a lot to your readers or customers, and self-publishers compete with big-time publishing houses today. It’s one of the most important reasons to rethink your method if you’ve been relying on print-on-demand. When you use a real book printer with all the big guys’ capabilities, your brand image gets an automatic boost. You want a nice looking (and feeling) cover and inside stock. You also want access to other options such as embossing, foiling, perforation, anti-scratch lamination, etc. They are optional finishing touches to improve your book.

Your Image Depends on Your Printing and Shipping Quality

When a customer receives your book, it’s packaging also makes an impression. When shipping materials are the right size, they reduce costs and look better. A professional fulfillment house with the needed materials and capabilities can make a crucial difference. You may even choose to produce branded packaging as an added promotion. Many self-publishers are in image-driven sectors that rely on favorable customer impressions and loyalty. If you allow yourself to be overshadowed by a print-on-demand vendor’s packaging, you miss important marketing opportunities with every book delivered.

When you carefully weigh all the factors included in our Ultimate Guide to Book Printing and Fulfillment Services, you’ll have access to ideas and advantages that can help your book succeed. Want to answers to more questions on this topic? Contact anyone on the Acutrack team, and we’ll be glad to help.

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