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We live in a world where digital distribution is important for any content. Digital distribution enables you to outreach your creative content globally, deploy it with ease, and receive immediate gratification. There is no doubt that digital distribution should become an integral part of every organization’s distribution strategy.

However, physical product fulfillment is critical to growing your revenue and building your brand. While we may all agree on the value of physical products, most publishers encounter many hurdles when it comes to physical distribution.

For example, many experience the challenges of ordering inventory and storing it in their basement. Bogged down with packaging and fulfillment, some choose going with Amazon’s Createspace attracted by their POD services only to realize that Amazon has inhaled their sales, revenue and customers and return a piddly royalty – this all changes with Acutrack!


Just-In-Time Production

Acutrack helps you deliver your content on books or discs using manufacture on-demand (MOD) or its very minimal inventory to lower your upfront costs and maximize your profits.  You can automate the process of fulfilling your content in retail-ready DVD packages, copy-protected USBs, or professional bookstore-quality printed books without spending thousands of dollars towards inventory. Our model creates a positive cash flow similar to your digital distribution strategy.


A Seamless Logistic Partner

Similar to digital distribution, our physical fulfillment is platform independent. Acutrack allows you to choose your sales platform and acts as your logistic print & fulfillment partner.

You choose your eCommerce partner, your sale price, your marketplace (whether it’s Amazon Marketplace, Groupon or eBay) – and Acutrack seamlessly integrates with your platform and automates the logistics. Unlike others who may want to control your revenue and give you a tiny royalty, we empower you to offer physical products on the platform of your choice, dictate & keep your sales revenue, interact with your customers, and grow your business.


Increase Your Revenue

By offering a physical product in conjunction with digital distribution, you automatically expand your market to those group of people that enjoy physical products. There are still a significant portion of people who prefer physical products, and not capturing those people is a loss of potential revenue.

One way is to offer both as a combo product. For example, let’s say that you sell an ebook for $19; instead, you can offer an ebook plus a physical copy for $29. This gives customers the instant gratification of a digital download along with the added value of having a physical copy. Most importantly, you just gained a 50% increase in your revenue.


Grow Your Brand

Digital download does not allow for brand placement the way physical products do. You can’t gift-wrap a digital book and have the experience that comes with physical books. A physical product is tangible and has high perceived value – you can hold, feel and see it. The truth is that packaging helps grow your brand. The physical product becomes its own advertisement, and that quality of branding is invaluable for any business to grow and have success with branding.


Boost Landing Page Conversions

The concept of giving something to get something is timeless. However, it gains new relevance when applied to your landing pages. Today, many organizations spend thousands of dollars with Google adwords or Facebook marketing to get traffic to their landing page. The goal of the marketing is to convert that prospect into a lead by making them sign up. Instead of emailing a PDF, if you offer something of value like a book or USB thumb drive, your chances of converting the lead increases by 40%, says our customer Dean Holland of Internet Marketing. This is a huge upside for any marketing initiative.

Offering a physical product in conjunction with digital download increases revenue, branding, landing page conversions – but most importantly, it increases customer satisfaction. A physical product fulfillment in the form of books, training manuals, retail finish DVDs or your content on custom branded USB thumb drives should be an integral part of any organization.

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