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Acutrack: a better alternative to Amazon

Many of our clients described Acutrack as a mini Amazon! Although we are flattered, it also made us think of how do we really compare to Amazon. This short article/blog should help you. In this blog, we will share with you, how by working with Acutrack will actually give you more control of the fulfillment process vs Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) & Createspace services (Publishing of CD’s, DVD’s and books). Like Amazon, Acutrack offers fulfillment services for your products and publishing of CD’s, DVD's and books. However, we go beyond simply offering such services: we do what Amazon doesn’t by putting you back in control!

    • Control your marketplaces: 
      When you work with Amazon: Amazon only helps you sell on their own marketplace. If you plan to use Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), then it is assumed that Amazon marketplace is your single sales strategy. Amazon’s FBA does not help you personalize and prepare your shipments to other distributors. In addition, you don’t get a dedicated account representative who knows your business needs and can help you expand into other marketplaces. When you work with Acutrack: Acutrack helps you sell on any marketplace. Amazon’s marketplace is wonderful, but why limit yourself to just one marketplace? We help personalize your logistics so that you can sell not only on Amazon, but also on your online store, retailers, Groupon, or any other marketplace where you wish to sell. Acutrack has a dedicated account representative who knows your business needs extremely well and can help you grow your business in the marketplace.


    • Control your brand: 
      When you work with Amazon: The Amazon brand is everywhere. Customers buy their products on Amazon’s website. Your product gets shipped in an Amazon box. Your customer service is dealt with by Amazon. Amidst all this, your brand gets lost. When you work with Acutrack: The Acutrack brand is nowhere. Your package gets shipped with your brand. We are your invisible publishing and fulfillment partner. We want your brand to be maximized, because we recognize that branding is crucial for companies to be successful.


    • Control your eCommerce: 
      When you work with Amazon: Amazon is your eCommerce and takes a percentage of the sales and then pays you the difference. When you work with Acutrack: You have the option to run any eCommerce platform. We are integrated with 50+ eCommerce platforms so you can choose the right one for your application. We don’t run your eCommerce. We don’t take a percentage of your sales. You manage your eCommerce and keep the sales. In addition to integrating with your shopping cart, we give you a full suite of our API for all aspects of order and inventory management.


    • Control your interaction with your customers: 
      When you work with Amazon: Amazon controls your customer service. While this may initially sound appealing at first (one less headache to deal it!), many business have reported to us that in the long-term, this has actually been a huge disadvantage. First, you do not hear the feedback from your customers, which makes it difficult to improve your product. Second, you do not interact with your customers at all, which makes it virtually impossible to sell them more products in the future. We all know that selling to an existing customer is much easier than selling to a new customer, but the Amazon model does not allow that. When you work with Acutrack: You control your customer service. You talk directly to your customers and establish a long-lasting relationship with them. You get feedback from them so you can improve your next product. You promote to your existing customers and grow your business. You can ask your customers to refer you to other businesses. In short, the Acutrack model allows you to communicate directly with your customers, because we know that strong customer relationship is the heart of any successful business.

Ultimately, you have to decide what strategy works for you. Amazon is undeniably an easy choice. If you are okay with one marketplace with a pre-existing eCommerce platform and someone else to take of your customer service, then Amazon is a good fit for you. If you are looking to expand into multiple marketplaces, maximize your brand, have the flexibility to run any eCommerce platform, and have relationship with your customers, then Acutrack is the perfect model for your company.

Can I have the best of both worlds? Yes! One solution many of our customers find appealing is signing up for Amazon Marketplace Pro. This allows you to access Amazon’s marketplace, but have another company like Acutrack manage your fulfillment - and give you full control over your company!


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