Shipping choices

Five ways to ship your package International

Shipping is complicated, but Acutrack has simplified the selection process for our customers. No more worrying about pricing or selecting from the multitude of methods. Choose the option that best fits your needs and we ship with the cheapest and fastest option.

  International First Class MDX USPS International First Class

Internation Priority MDX

USPS International Priority FedEx International 
Package weight limitation 1 oz. to 4.4 lb. 1 oz. to 4.0 lb. 1 oz. to 4.4 lb. 1 oz. to 70 lb. No Limit
Delivery Tracking There is no delivery tracking. Delivery tracking only available to the last destination in USA. No tracking once it leaves USA border. Delivery tracking is available door to door to certain countries Delivery tracking is available door to door Delivery tracking is available door to door
Package Insurance No No No up to $200 for certain countries only (only when requested). Increased insurance available for additional cost. Up to $100 insurance per package
Delivery time 6 to 14 days 7 to 15 days 5 to 10 days 5 to 10 days 3 to 5 days

Three ways to ship your package Domestic

  First Class MDX USPS First (Priority) Class UPS/FedEx Ground
Package weight limitation 1 oz. to 15 lb. 1 oz. to 70 lb. 1 lb. to 70 lb.
Special Package gets injected to various USPS destination (hubs) Package about 1 lb. or more automatically qualifies as Priority shipment Zone based shipment
Delivery Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Tube/Large Box Supports less than 26" in length No limit Dimensional weight applies
Package size Supports up to 50” in length and girth No limit No limit
Package Insurance No Up to $50 for priority mail order Up to $100 per package
Delivery time 2-5 days for shipment 2-7 days for first class and 2-4 days for priority 2-5 days. Shipment to California in 2 days and east coast in 5 days


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About Acutrack

Acutrack is a technology-driven eCommerce fulfillment company with a specialization in publishing any product needed for your business. With logistics center on both coasts of the USA, we serve as a one-stop logistic center for your business needs!
In this manner, we serve as a one-stop logistics extensionof your business.

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