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Packaging is very important in the fulfillment and delivery process for USBs. In most cases, your packaging represents the first contact a consumer will have with your brand, and in a competitive industry, first impressions count! Acutrack has a variety of custom packaging options for USB thumb drives. All USB packaging is designed with three things in mind – showcase the customer’s brand and style, be mailed for a safe delivery and most importantly be able to produce inexpensively in small quantities. Here are the options we offer!

Eco Board Mailer

Eco board mailers are a cost-effective way to package your USB. This eco-friendly package is environmentally friendly and can be customized with your artwork. It is also very easy to promote your brand by adding an installation or marketing insert. The total package weighs less than 1 oz which makes it very cost effective to mail both domestically and internationally. This package is very popular and is commonly used to deliver the content as a backup to digital delivery.

Flash Drive Sleeve for 3-Ring Binder

A flash drive vinyl sleeve is a great way to showcase your custom printed USB thumb drive. Not only will the sleeve keep your flash drive safe in a clear, varnished zipper, but it also makes for a convenient method to archive it and keep it stored safely for as long as you need.

USB Clear Clamshell Packaging

Customize your USB in a Flash Pac® USB Flash Drive clear case packaging. This popular design is simple, elegant and makes it easy to store marketing material. Ultimately, creating a full USB package. The clear case can be customized with a custom printed cover wrap which can be printed 2-sided to showcase your brand or marketing message. The package has a secure way to hold the USB thumb drive.

USB Album Case

A USB album is an upscale, custom package intended for companies looking to outsmart rather than outspend their competition! The foam piece inside can be customized to hold USB drives of different shapes and sizes and the printed cover wrap will surely make a strong impact towards your customer.

Many other options exist as well and range from a variety of materials and inserts. Acutrack’s goal is to work with its clients to make sure they have chosen a unique presentation piece for their product or business.

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