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Coloring books have long been the easiest way to entertain a child. The simple act of choosing a color and bringing line drawings to life is a source of joy. Nowadays, a new kind of coloring books have snuck into the bookshelves –¬†Adult coloring books.¬†These coloring books have managed to bring in a semblance of calm to overwrought minds, relaxing and entertaining at the same time.


Custom Coloring Book Printing – A growing business trend

What was once an activity that kept us engaged as children has now emerged as a trend that adults love. Sales of Adult coloring books have steadily increased over the past few years.During the pandemic (Covid19) the sales of the adult coloring books have exploded. And for a good reason. 

  • Coloring books reduce stress and anxiety levels in adults and help in unplugging from gadgets and technology which increases focus and positivity. The best part about coloring is that it can be done by anyone and just about anywhere.
  • It is the perfect gift to give employees who are working from home or to senior citizens who cannot venture out.
  • It is a great family time activity and stress buster.

Profiting from this global trend

The coloring books market is growing and is an ideal business to be in. 

  • You can sell it as a subscription service to create a continuous source of revenue.
  • You can market it via social media and watch your customer base grow and just like there is no limit to your creativity, there is none to the number of variations you can come up with.
  • Infact, custom coloring books for businesses is an innovative way to build brand awareness.

It is time to convert your hobby and passion into a profitable business!

The Acutrack Advantage

Having an idea for a custom coloring book is a great starting point, but where do you get them printed? Acutrack is the partner you are searching for. 

  • We print on premium quality paper and ensure that your coloring¬† comes out looking exactly as you imagined it.
  • We¬† have a global presence in the custom coloring book printing service industry.
  • Our clients‚Äô testimonials prove that we are reliable and offer expedited service with complete flexibility.¬†
  • We also have dedicated customer support for any and every query.
    So when you think affordable custom coloring book printing think of Acutrack.

How does Acutrack help launch your
custom coloring book?

Print On Demand Coloring book

Getting a coloring book print on demand is a task for utter professionals like Acutrack. You want your custom coloring book to be of the best professional quality as well as fast delivery. Acutrack has a record of being industry leaders when it comes to Custom Book Printing.Therefore, when you think of self-publishing custom coloring books for business or for personal use, think Acutrack.

  • Acutrack integrates seamlessly with your ecommerce store. So when your customers buys your book it flows right into the Acutrack system.
  • Our team then¬†packs your books with utmost care and¬†ships it,¬†so it arrives in mint condition to your customers( link to packaging blog)¬†

All you need to do is to complete three easy processes and get your professional looking coloring book in no time

Once printed, you are ready to deliver joy to the world!

Acutrack allows you to choose from custom Book Printing , packaging and shipping options

Once printed, you are ready to deliver joy to the world!

 If you know you want these for a special occasion, make sure you reach out to our custom book printing services and a sales rep @ Acutrack will be happy to help. We offer speedy turnaround so you stick to your deadline

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