Acutrack expands in to Germany

Livermore, CA (February 22, 2011) – Acutrack, Inc., a leader in media production, print, inventory, assembly, and fulfillment services for software and entertainment industries, today announced that it has formally opened a production and fulfillment center in Berlin, Germany.

“This center allows our customers to expand their offerings in the vast European market. We aim to leverage our experience, technology platform and logistical strengths to bring the same level of success that is evident in our North America and Asia centers,” said Raj Barman, President & CEO, Acutrack, Inc.

“We are very confident about our growth in Germany as it is not only strategically located but, it is one of the leading countries in technological advancements. It is the central hub of creativity and is one of the world’s most active nations in new technology adaptation, “added Barman.

About Acutrack:

Founded in 1992, Acutrack has been serving the software and entertainment industries with media, print, and fulfillment solutions. Our vast experience provides us the intelligence to customize media and print solution for the specific retail needs of our clients. In addition to retail products, Acutrack provides an On Demand CD/DVD production and fulfillment solution to be used in conjunction with downloadable content. Visit us at

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