Acutrack announces the promotion of Antony Selvaraj to President.

LIVERMORE, CA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2019 / -- Acutrack announces the promotion of Antony Selvaraj to President. Selvaraj will be responsible for managing all aspects of Acutrack's operations and technology.

“I am excited to be taking on this position at a time when I see tremendous potential for Acutrack. Our goal is to continue maintaining our high-quality standards while expanding our services to global markets,”    — Antony Selvaraj

Raj Barman will remain in the role of CEO and will direct his attention to fostering new business development and partnerships. Acutrack has developed an ambitious roadmap for the next year, featuring a plan to make Acutrack a global force. The company believes that it can best fulfill its goals with Selvaraj and Barman in synergistic positions.

About Selvaraj
Selvaraj has been integral to Acutrack's success for more than 15 years. He promoted a series of operational changes, spurring Acutrack's growth in its sector. In 2001, Selvaraj joined the company as a Software Engineer. He went on to lead the team developing Acutrack's disc Manufacture on Demand (MOD) technology. In 2016, Acutrack promoted Selvaraj to Vice President of Strategy. The company sees the promotion of Selvaraj to the president as conferring a substantial strategic advantage for Acutrack. In his new post role, he will be able to focus on building a new technology platform to lift Acutrack to even greater success What is Acutrack?

Acutrack is a privately held fulfillment company based in Livermore, CA. Acutrack is a technology-driven eCommerce fulfillment company with a specialization in publishing any product needed for your business. Our ability to produce books and media packages has created a true value to our customers for over 25+ years. In its recently expanded facilities, Acutrack maintains inventories at optimal levels for its customers. The company ships both domestically and overseas. Acutrack's capabilities as both a publisher and fulfillment provider allow it to offer a wide range of services to its customers.

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new European privacy law that takes effect on May 25, 2018. The GDPR is not limited to European companies. The regulation includes every company that can potentially process EU nationals’ data – so that’s basically every company in the world regardless of its location.

The GDPR gives people more rights over their personal data. Specifically, it provides the right to access, correct, delete, and restrict processing of consumer data, and sets strict guidelines for user consent. If you collect or store any information that can be linked to an individual, that counts as personal data.

We recommend consulting with a legal professional as every business is different. Some businesses may need more preparation than others to comply with the GDPR. This article provides a general overview of GDPR compliance and directs you to the most common requirements.

Steps to prepare for the GDPR
According to the GDPR, Acutrack merchants must comply with the regulation if they are based in the EU or sell to EU customers.
Acutrack collects and processes personal data in a compliant manner. However, it is your responsibility to comply with the GDPR requirements when you collect and process personal data from your EU customers. Under the new regulation, personal data is defined as any information that can be used to directly or indirectly identify a person.

We recommend the following:

Get clear consent before collecting any data

You need to obtain consent to process your customers’ personal data. Prepare a clear privacy policy specifying why you collect personal data, explaining what data is retained, and offering a right to withdraw consent.
To require your customers accept your terms of service before checkout, enable the Show "I agree with Terms & Conditions" checkbox at checkout checkbox in your website. This feature ensures all orders include a confirmation of consent. As it is impossible to place an order without agreeing to Terms and Conditions, the fact that an order is placed is a confirmation of consent.

Provide customers with the right to access their data

This means you must provide your customers with a copy of their personal data in an easily readable and portable format. You can access the customers' data right in your Acutrack Control Panel. If you need help with getting and providing the data, Acutrack can give you the information that it stores. You should also take into consideration any third party services you use who may have access to your customers’ personal data.

Provide customers with the right to delete, edit, restrict certain data uses

Along with access requests, Acutrack can help delete personal data that it stores on your behalf. However, basic requests (e.g., a customer asks you to delete their order) can be quickly managed inside your control panel. Again, remember any third party services who may have access to this data.
We recommend storing data digitally. Encrypted data protected with a password of minimum recommended strength – or protected by means of a password generator – offer a secure option compared to printed invoices.

Data breach notifications

Acutrack acts as a Data processor while our merchants (you) act as Data controllers. If your website is experiencing a data breach of any kind, you might be required to notify affected customers. Under the GDPR, a notification must be sent within 72 hours from the time you become aware of the breach. Data processors are also required to notify users as well as the Data controllers, immediately after becoming aware of a data breach.

What Acutrack has done to comply with the GDPR
Acutrack collects, stores and processes personal data based on GDPR guidelines and complies with GDPR requirements in the following ways:

  • we assigned the Data Protection Officer who is in charge of the Acutrack Data Protection Policy

  • we started to deliver GDPR-focused training to our key teams and personnel

  • we implemented a detailed procedure to deal with all data subject access requests, deletion requests, and government access requests

  • we work only with sub processors who provide an adequate protection of the personal data through robust technical and organizational measures

  • we developed a reliable method to detect, report and investigate a personal data breach

  • we established the necessary records of data processing activities

Our Vendors / Sub-Processors



Senior Computer System Analyst - Full time position in Livermore, CA

We have an immediate opening for a Senior Computer System Analyst. The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:

  • Plan, develop, test & document programs and applications to be used in DVD/Blu-ray design
  • Design and author videos & soundtracks for the development of DVD & Blu-ray
  • Create applications for publishing media in digital/offset print & other media format
  • Bachelors in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering with a minimum of 5 years’ experience are required.

Acutrack, a privately held, ( is a fulfillment company located in Livermore, California.  Acutrack employees are offered a variety of benefits, including comprehensive health & dental benefits, a 401 (k) plan, PTO and holidays, & flexible spending account.

Please send resumes directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Acutrack is a technology-driven eCommerce fulfillment company with a specialization in publishing any product needed for your business. With logistics center on both coasts of the USA, we serve as a one-stop logistic center for your business needs!
In this manner, we serve as a one-stop logistics extensionof your business.

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