How We Helped Gravitas Ventures With DVD Manufacturing

How we helped Gravitas Ventures with their DVD Manufacturing On Demand (MOD) services
Gravitas Ventures is the largest Indie film distributor helping independent filmmakers in the distribution of their movies on all channels.

The Situation

Gravitas helps independent filmmakers distribute their movies on all channels - streaming as well as physical distribution in DVD and Blu-ray format. Gravitas acquires rights to 50 to 100 new movie titles per month

The Challenge

  1. Gravitas had a large selection of old movies as well as the challenge of managing a catalog of new movie titles, and had to order large quantities for each movie ahead of time.
  2. Large disc production had resulted in a significant upfront cost, along with money lost in storage and unsold inventory.

The Result

The Acutrack team proposed a DVD & Blu-ray Manufacture on-demand production & fulfillment solution, giving Gravitas just-in-time production services for a retail-ready DVD or Blu-ray package. This solution completely eliminates a need for storage.
Acutrack team created a special online portal where Gravitas can upload orders via a spreadsheet. The process streamlined and automated the order processing.
Ultimately, Gravitas only pays for the transaction processed, resulting in ZERO upfront manufacturing cost, storage fees, and unsold inventory. Acutrack's MOD service made it possible for Gravitas to carry every movie title available, extending the life of physical media.


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