How We Helped A Major Network Forum With Book Printing & Fulfillment

How We Helped A Major Network Forum With Book Printing & Fulfillment
The Sleeter Group operates a networking forum for accounting professionals. In addition to organizing marketing events for its members, the organization produces various Quickbook accounting training books for its members.


The Situation

Sleeter Group's training books are bought by various accounting professionals and schools. Sleeter releases a new version every year to incorporate changes in the Quickbook software. Sleeter would go to the local print house to get their books printed, and their office staff would help package and ship..


  1. Sleeter’s small office in Pleasanton was cluttered with various versions of the books. Even though 80% of the business was attributed to the latest version, they kept maintaining inventory for the older versions as many bookstores were not ready to move to the newer version.
  2. Sleeter’s marketing staff wanted to focus their resources on building sales, networking, and talking to its members. They didn’t want to spend their time packaging and shipping books.
  3. The local printer had limited print capability, taking 2-3 weeks to print large print runs of their yearly launch.

The Result

Acutrack took control of Sleeter’s print & fulfillment. All book titles and inventory were moved from Sleeter office to the Acutrack warehouse. Acutrack helped Sleeter move their wooCommerce online web store and integrate it with Acutrack’s fulfillment. This automation helped Sleeter's marketing team to focus on Sleeter's core business. Acutrack lowered the print cost and time to deliver books, which ultimately enhanced Sleeter's market position.


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