Textbook Printing has yet to go the Way of the Chalkboard

We've seen the days of staying after school to clean the erasers disappear, but technology has yet to replace printed textbooks. While e-books have changed both the marketplace for hard copies as well as delivery methods, most readers still prefer to turn pages manually and forego the need for batteries.

Paper is Still Going Strong

While almost three-quarters of Americans read books, 67 percent have read paper copies within the past year, while only 26 percent have perused an e-book and 18 percent have availed themselves of audio books. Only 7 percent of us stick exclusively to digital formats, while 39 percent solely read print and 29 percent use more than one platform.In some ways, these figures are dependent on demographics. Slightly more women than men read either print or e-books. Readership of e-books and books in general decreases as the age of readers increases.

 Readership through all methods increases as educational attainment rises. Those in suburbia are more likely than their urban or rural neighbors to have their noses in a book or their eyes on a text-filled screen.While the digital market, in general, has been growing, we have found that some segments, such as school districts, have been slow to adopt the paperless formats. For grades K through 12, educators are still exploring the effectiveness of new platforms. They have yet to establish the advantages of digital offerings over traditional textbooks.

Textbook printing

New Production Models

As a printer, we have discovered that while the demand for paper books is increasing, methods of production are evolving. Rather than turning out large numbers of books to await sale, increased investment in technologies such as inkjet and digital imaging allows publishers to make shorter runs. Through the use of advanced techniques, we can meet the expectations of our customers for fast turnarounds.

A Better Bottom Line

As consumers demand more books in both printed and digital forms, authors are looking for companies responsive to their production and fulfillment needs. That's where we come in. If the royalties traditional publishing companies are willing to pay for the right to produce and distribute your books are too low, and you have an established following, Acutrack may be your perfect partner.

 Contact us today to discover how we can work together to bring you the profits you deserve.

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