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We Print Wire-O Bound Books to Higher Standards

If your book needs to be read and used hands-free, wire-o binding is an excellent choice if you prefer a metal coil over a plastic spiral. We print wire-o-bound books with size, color, and quality options that let you select what’s perfect for your work. Many Acutrack clients choose this binding for their reference books, instruction manuals, business presentations, planners, journals, and cookbooks.Our Wire-O Book Printing has a Twin Metal Loop BindingWire-o binding has advantages over spiral because it more easily accommodates books of varying thicknesses. We can adjust the length of the binding wire used for each copy to match the thickness, and you have a choice of colors for the wire. If a precise and branded appearance is crucial for your book and needs to be used hands-free, you may want to consider wire-o strongly, and we make it affordable.

Wire-O bound book printing and binding service provided by Acutrack. Image of Wire-O book binding on the "Full Life".
Image showing wire-o bound binding and printing offered by Acutrack.

Expertly Printed Wire-O Books Look More Polished

Our printing and binding expertise and capabilities give you every choice, including the best wire-o printed books. If you want an upgraded appearance in a book that’s used hands-free, it’s an excellent option. Because we’re focused on businesses’ image and profitability, we make it affordable to have excellent quality books. Acutrack also provides logistics, including warehousing and global shipping.

  • Excellent quality wire-o bound books at competitive prices
  • Options for cover stock include a hardcover choice
  • Trim sizes are available in standard and custom dimensions
  • Section dividers available to make books easier to use

Our print is customizable, and the choices you’ll have with wire-o binding are no exception. For example, you can select the spine wire in black, silver, white, and many other colors. We will support your branding and ensure your book has a distinct and memorable appearance. It’s a significant advantage over print-on-demand companies that offer only standard sizes and fewer choices.

Need to Set Up a Book Print Order? We Can Help

We make it straightforward to handle your book printing setup DIY if you aren’t working with a content preparation service. Our online content submission template makes it as easy to order wire-o-bound books as it does with other binding choices. The template will guide you through the submission process, and our client support specialists are available if you have any questions along the way.

We’re the Self-Publishers’ Secret Weapon for Hassle-Free Wire-O Binding Print Set Up

As soon as you submit your files, our pre-press pros go to work pre-flighting your artwork and double-checking for quality. You’ll hear from us if we detect issues such as needed font specs, low-res images, or improperly sized text. Nothing proceeds without your sign-off, and the responsibility for the content and pictures rests with you ultimately. We’ll suggest a hard-copy proof copy for final review.

For authors wanting professional literature binding, wire-o is an excellent option. Image show wire-o bound book "The Daily Grind"

Sizing Your Wire-O Book Optimally is Easier with Acutrack

It’s common for wire-o-bound books to be used heavily, and selecting the best size for their purpose is as important as making them easy to use hands-free. When you’re printing manuals that people will be referring to while working, you want them to be easily readable. Often, it means considering the size so text can be larger and illustrations or images clearer – making them user-friendly is wise.

Acutrack has print on demand book printing and fulfillment capabilities.

Print Your Wire-O Book in the Needed Trim Size

Standard Sizes

5.5″ x 8.5,” 6″ x 9,” 8.5″ x 11″

Manuals, instruction books, diaries and calendars, cookbooks

Larger/Smaller Sizes

Custom Dimensions

Image-oriented books, client presentations, business reports

Print Wire-O Books to Your Exact Specifications

Since our founding, Acutrack has been dedicated to giving our clients the best wire-o book printing service with the most choices. They include more options for cover stock (including hardcover book printing), inside pages, ring-binding color, and offset or digital printing. We understand self-publishers have unique needs, and we strive to meet them. You can also work with us to fulfill your online book orders. Let Us Warehouse and Ship Books to Your Customers Our just-in-time printing model allows you to produce wire-o books based on your sales that are ready for shipping with no delays – a significant improvement compared to print-on-demand. We have global shipping capabilities and easily connect to your eCommerce platform or marketplace to receive and fulfill orders. You can also ship collateral and merchandise with your book when you work with Acutrack.

Get Underway Printing Your Wire-O Book Today!

Content length can be a determining factor in selecting a trim size, but how your book will be used also plays a role. Many self-publishers also consider thickness when deciding on book size. It depends on whether you prefer larger and flat or smaller and chunky. If people carry a wire-o book with them, the size and shape are essential. You want it to fit more readily into a tote bag or briefcase.

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