Compare Acutrack vs. Amazon for Book Printing and Shipping

Acutrack and Amazon use different methods for book printing and order fulfillment, and we’re pleased to explain more about ours before you choose. You can sell on Amazon’s marketplace for optimal visibility and have us print books and fulfill orders for the best of both worlds. At Acutrack, we’re a high-quality alternative to print-on-demand that improves customer service and maximizes your profits. We’ve also made it remarkably easy to integrate our book order fulfillment system with your eCommerce setup, regardless of which one you use – Amazon, Magento, Shopify, Squarespace, 3DCart, InfusionSoft, and Big Commerce, to name a few. With us, you have upselling opportunities and can easily ship collateral with your book orders to increase sales and profits. How you choose to print books and fulfill orders means everything to your image, business, and sales growth.

Acutrack is a customer-friendly Silicon Valley-based technology company for the book industry.

Acutrack’s business model keeps you in the spotlight and makes it appear you handle fulfillment in-house; we’re in the background and don’t overshadow you like some others do. Our system allows you to collect and keep customer data, including email addresses, and receive your revenue directly. When funds come down from your credit card processor, they go into your bank account. These are significant differences from other methods, and we answer our support lines and provide help when you need it.

Graphic image representing the what the difference between fulfillment by Amazon and fulfillment by merchant, or FBA vs FBM. This is just one example of how Acutrack is different than Amazon.
Graphic showing how fulfillment by merchant works. Acutrack's on-demand book fulfillment gives authors more visibility on the order fulfillment process than competitors like Amazon.

How Acutrack’s Book Printing and Fulfillment Works

Tell Us About Your Project and Request Pricing

Submit Your Content Using Our Convenient Template

Connect Your Online Order Intake with Acutrack’s Fulfillment System

Review Our Pre-Press Quality Check Comments and See a Proof Copy (Recommended)

Sell Your Book Online and Let Us Fulfill the Orders Direct from Your eCommerce

Arbitrary Royalties or Upfront Value Pricing – It’s Your Choice

Working with Acutrack is fair, uncomplicated, and equitable. First-time authors who print a book on demand with Amazon may be surprised by an arbitrary royalty fee that varies. It takes the cost and profit decisions out of your hands and leaves you with a take it or leave it choice. You’ll have transparent pricing for book printing and order fulfillment when you work with us. You can make decisions based on your book price and shipping fees to reach a point of profitability that’s in your favor. No one knows your business and customers better than you do; we let you call the shots to get the results you need.

Acutrack book printing company working with self-published authors.
# Acutrack POD (Lulu) KDP (Amazon)
Book Printing Print based on forecast (inventory based) POD POD
Shipping same day Yes No No
POD Print quality Premium Standard Low
Monthly order volume < 50 Not a good option Best fit Best fit
Monthly order volume > 50 Best fit Not a good option Not a good option
Order System Integration
  • Marketplace (Amazon, WalMart & more)
  • Shopping cart (Shopify, WooCommerce & more)
  • Marketing channel (ClickFunnel, Keap & more)
  • Subscription (Ontraport, CHARGIFY & more)
  • Form Builder (EVENTSQUID & more)
Only shopify None
Book Bindery option
  • Perfect bound
  • Case bound
  • Coil bound
  • Wire-o (soft / hard cover)
  • Perfect bound
  • Case bound
  • Coil bound
  • Perfect bound
  • Case bound
Bundling other products Yes No No
Cost (200 page, 6” x 9”, b/w print, perfect bound) Less than 200 $5.85 $5.85 $3.20 (Poor quality)
Greater than 2,000 $3.25 NA NA

Printing Books and Fulfilling Orders with Acturack Has Many Advantages.

We know our customers, and you’ll have a dedicated account team assigned to your project when you work with us. It’s a vast difference compared to larger book printing and fulfillment services, where it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. If you have questions or a request for help, we have live support teams ready to assist. We reply promptly, and you’ll know who you’re working with and how they can help at all times. Your book affects your brand’s image and reputation, and we’re here to help make you look good in your customers’ eyes. We’ve designed our service to be a profitable, long-term solution.

Try Amazon’s Fulfillment by Merchant Option with Acutrack

Sell more copies of your book by participating in the Amazon Marketplace and ship higher-quality copies with Acutrack – we also may be able to improve your profitability. Connecting Acutrack to your Amazon order intake is easy, and we free you from print-on-demand constraints. You’ll like the improvement.

If you want to print high-quality books that rival those from big-time publishers, we give you ways to do it with a broader range of choices. We never overshadow you when fulfilling orders and books go out in your preferred packaging. You can also leverage more upselling opportunities and improve profitability.

Acutrack Gives You …

More Control Over Your Business – Keep Your Customer Data

More Ways to Create a Branded Experience – We Use Your Packaging

Just-in time book print on demand services vs. traditional print on demand book printing services. Book printing on demand, Acutrack.

Another Difference: Ship Merchandise with Your Books

Our unique book order fulfillment service is state-of-the-art and lets you create a branded experience that includes books and other merchandise. We have warehousing capabilities and can ship anywhere in the world promptly and effectively. Because we print your book in advance at reasonable and budget-friendly quantities, they’re ready to go when the orders come in. If you have peak demand periods, it’s never a problem, and we can ship promptly with a higher order volume. Most clients use digital printing for smaller runs, but a money-saving offset service is available for anyone requesting a larger print quantity.

Sign-Up with Acutrack to Enhance Your Brand Image and Profits

√ Add Merchandise (t-shirts, mugs, DVDs, etc.) to Book Orders

√ Enjoy More Choices in Book Binding

√ Have Better Options for Cover Stock and Inside Pages

√ Choose from Various Book Trim Sizes, Including Custom Dimensions

√ Select Digital Printing for Small Runs; Money-Saving Offset for Larger Runs

Your image depends on your book’s quality, and it’s why we offer many of the same printing options as marquee publishers. It’s different from other on-demand printers that force your book into their limited set of options. With Acutrack, you’ll have a complete range of binding options, perfect-bound, case-bound, spiral, and wire-o, and several choices for cover stock. You can select the trim size optimal for your genre and choose the perfect weight paper stock for your inside pages. We understand your books may compete against titles from big-time publishers, and you want them to look their best.

Enjoy These Advantages with Acutrack

We’re with you all the way.

We make sure you’re not just sailing along on your own. You’ll have a dedicated account representative who gets to know you, your brand promise, and the goal and purpose of the books you publish.

You can enhance your customer experience.

It’s possible with Acutrack’s order fulfillment services to offer a physical product like a book, merchandise, or digital downloads. You boost your revenue, and your customers can have it all. When you sell a book, you can easily enhance the customer experience by offering branded merchandise as a fun add-on.

Use Acutrack in a lead generation strategy.

Use your own CRM/eCommerce, an important option not available with Amazon’s CreateSpace.

Let’s say you’ve created a landing page or funnel to capture leads from Facebook or Google Adwords. The name comes into your system, and you can work on developing a deeper customer relationship.

Control Your Marketplace

Our printing and fulfillment platform lets you sell on Amazon, your own online store, and other retailers – and we keep your brand front and center. For example, when your customers purchase through Amazon, receive Amazon branding. With Acutrack, your brand is in the spotlight, from ordering online to customer delivery.

Book printing on demand employee placing paper in book printer to start on demand book printing. Acutrack is one of the best print on demand book companies available. Print books on demand today.

Prefer More Control Over Your Book Sales or Less?

The major differences between Acutrack and Amazon for book printing and order fulfillment boils down to control and opportunities for sales and profit growth. There’s no denying Amazon’s platform has advantages, or it would not be widely used. But you have more (and better) options with Acutrack because we’re customizable to your book and businesses’ specific needs. Instead of setting rules and making you follow them, we’re a backend fulfillment partner with considerable resources and flexibility.

So if you’re ready to learn more about the brand-enhancing, profit-building possibilities we offer, take a minute to reply with our contact form and tell us a bit about your project and needs. We’ll respond right away!

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