Sell more books and increase your profits when you print your book and ship orders with Acutrack. We are differe Amazon marketplace services by letting authors control the order fulfillment process and data.

Authors who have put hundreds or thousands of hours into writing their books want to sell them briskly and earn a profit. With most book sales today taking place online, especially on Amazon, you need to know what you’re doing.

If your goal is to make the most money selling your book and earn the biggest profits, you need to understand your options before you dive in. Amazon provides all-in-one publishing options through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) with promises to make your life easier. But you can also use the Amazon Marketplace to sell books and enjoy greater control of the process.

Read Answers to FAQs About Book Profitability Before Deciding How to Sell Yours

Letting Amazon print and sell your book with KDP’s all-in-one option turns you into a content supplier (your book) that Amazon turns into a product and sells at retail. Your percentage of the sale amount is lower than with direct selling, and Amazon controls the process from start to finish. The selling points are to make your life easier, make printed copies or digital downloads of your book available quickly, and turn you into a published author overnight. For anyone who has yearned to publish a book and the goal was elusive, it’s tempting to press the button and say yes without giving it much more thought.

Profit More from Direct Book Sales

Control Your Profit Margins

Receive Revenue Directly as Books Sell

Retain Customer Data for Additional Opportunities

Upsell Your Readers with Collateral or Merchandise

Use Cost-Effective Offset Printing for High-Selling Books

Sell your book direct with our book printing and order fulfillment services. Image of Acutrack's warehouse where we fulfill orders and ship books directly to customers. We offer print-on-demand and fulfillment by merchant.What are the Benefits of Selling Books Directly?

Selling your book directly can increase your profits when you do it right, and there are many advantages. When you become the retailer instead of Amazon, you control your sales and profits and, very importantly, retain your customer data – more about the value of that later. Selling directly requires finding a book printing service and, ideally, one that can fulfill your orders. A well-known method is print-on-demand, where books are printed digitally after orders come in. But there are other ways to do it with better options for higher-quality books that give your readers a more impressive experience.

Learn More About How to Maximize Your Book’s Profit Potential

Direct selling your book also lets you reap more benefits from your marketing campaign. Your book doesn’t sell itself on Amazon. You spend marketing dollars promoting it but send customers to a page you do not own. Because you don’t own the page, you can’t gather customer data. By selling direct and sending customers to your eCommerce store, you can use tracking and optimize your campaign. You can understand customer behavior, decide what’s working, and optimize your marketing spend. These may sound like details initially, but they can add up over time, especially with a successful book.

How Do I Increase the Sales and Profits of a Book?

Books are products, and building closer relationships with your customers is the key to higher sales and profits. You can sell your readers several books you have written, you can sell them merchandise and products connected to your book’s topic or characters, or you can sell them services. Many authors also offer webinars, online courses, or consulting services as they seek to monetize their writing. It all begins with having your customer data and upselling people on more books, products, or services. When you go for Amazon’s Publishing Services, you give up those opportunities and only sell individual books.

When You Sell More than Books, Your Profit Increases

Many of today’s most intelligent and resourceful authors profit handsomely from merchandise connected to their books. It might be as simple as mugs and t-shirts or more developed with real-world items mentioned in nonfiction books. For instance, you might be a cookbook author and sell kitchen items required for your recipes. You can ship collateral with your book orders when you sell directly on Amazon Marketplace and use a flexible book fulfillment service. It gives your customers more ways to buy into your world and creates a branded experience that is 100 percent about you. Book printing on demand with shipping and book fulfillment services worldwide. We answer the question of how you can sell your book directly to your customers. Fulfillment by merchant and on-demand printing for books.

Isn’t It Harder to Print and Sell My Books Directly?

Not many authors can picture themselves spending time every day packing and shipping book orders. If you think directly selling books means handling everything DIY, think again. There are economical book printing and fulfillment services like ours at Acutrack that take it off your hands at costs that don’t wipe out your profit margin. With services like ours, you can sell books on Amazon Marketplace and have us fulfill your orders. We stay in the background, so the customer experience is about you and your branding – and most customers will assume you ship books directly. It makes an excellent impression!

You’ll be surprised at the Ease of Directly Selling Books with Acutrack

Our sophisticated order interface connects to Amazon Marketplace (or any other eCommerce platform) and directly sends us order fulfillment information. There’s nothing for you to do other than watch your sales revenue roll in. It’s a much more convenient process than many authors initially envision and is the best way for you to sell directly. You keep all the customer data you lose with the Amazon Publishing Services route and stay in control of the process. It’s a refreshing experience for many authors, and when you have far more choices about how to print your book and how it will look, it’s even better.

What Do I Need to Set Up Book Sales with Acutrack?

Setting up your book printing and order fulfillment with Acutrack is no more complex than doing it with Amazon Publishing Services. You can submit your book content using our convenient template, receive initial suggestions for formatting corrections if needed, and ultimately review a hard-copy proof. We’ll also give you a wider selection of digital and offset printing options and let you choose perfect-bound (paperback), case-bound (hardcover), spiral, and wire-o. We’re flexible with trim sizes, including cover and inside stock options, and we’ll print your book just in time and warehouse them for shipping.

You Can Improve Your Book’s Profitability with Us

We also make it incredibly easy to connect your online order intake with our fulfillment system. Our account managers will guide you in connecting to Amazon Marketplace or other eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, and Shopify, Magento. Acutrack is a Silicon Valley company with technology-driven printing and fulfillment services for the book industry. It’s why we’ve built our systems to connect quickly with the platforms writers and content creators use for book sales. Selling directly can benefit you in many ways. It’s how you can make more money and profit handsomely from selling your book.

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