Acutrack offers IBPA members free ecommerce integration when you print your book with us.

IBPA Members Receive Free eCommerce Integration (a $295 Value)

Acutrack offers IBPA members free ecommerce integration when you print your book with us. Our Acutrack book printing and order fulfillment services are now available to members of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) with free eCommerce integration (a $295 value). It’s all thanks to a new agreement that adds Acutrack to IBPA’s preferred vendor list for members. If you’re an IBPA member or planning to join soon, you have a lower-cost way to connect our services to improve customer service and profitability. If you sell in the Amazon marketplace, we’re the ideal solution. We can print books for IPBA members of any size and type with few limitations and help you successfully compete against traditional publishers. Hardcover, paperback, spiral, and wire-o bindings are all options, along with choices for cover and inside paper stock. Once your book is printed and ready, your IBPA membership entitles you to a free eCommerce integration for book order fulfillment. Our account managers will assist you with the setup, and we have a tech support team available 24/7.

Acutrack Connects Quickly and Easily to

Acutrack + Independent Book Publishers: A Perfect Match

Acutrack employee printing books. IBPA members can receive discounts in the form of free ecommerce integration.If you’re an IBPA member wondering why use Acutrack? The answer is simple: we have designed our service to meet the needs of independent publishers just like you. We understand your competition and give you all the tools and support you need to be profitable with your book. When print-on-demand or Amazon Publishing Services gives you limits, Acutrack gives you better options. We also help you keep your purchaser data and build better customer relationships for easier upselling. The value we bring is the same whether you’re a business publishing a book (or books) or a self-published author. Your customer orders a book direct from your eCommerce or marketplace setup, and we handle the backend fulfillment. With Acutrack just-in-time book printing, we’ll have copies waiting for shipment same-day/ It avoids the delays that can happen with print on demand during peak sales periods. The result is happier customers, and you manage your own sales and customer data with us.

You Can Create a Branded Experience with Your Book

Many IBPA members may need books printed and orders fulfilled in a way that creates a branded experience for their reader-customers. For example, if you want to sell and ship collateral items like t-shirts, mugs, or printed items with your book, Acutrack can help. You can also customize the packaging with your branding if you choose. It’s as easy as speaking with an account manager to make the arrangements – our customization options give you profit-making and branding opportunities. The same applies to flyers, catalogs, brochures, or other printed items you’d like to include. We can add them to book orders and print them in our facilities. It reduces costs by eliminating shipping charges from a printer to our warehouse. We’re also book shipping experts and help you take advantage of the most favorable rates and timing. Acutrack is an excellent all-in-one printing and fulfillment solution for IBPA members. The free eCommerce integration gives even more reason to sign up today.Acutrack IPBA book printing for members. Logo for IBPA, independent book publishers association.

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