Blu-ray Authoring and Blu-ray Replication

Acutrack makes Blu–ray production easy as 1-2-3… from authoring to worldwide fulfillment!

  • We consult with you and author your content to the correct Blu-ray format.
  • We handle manufacturing offering Blu–ray replication and associated AACS licensing, printing and assembly of your Blu–ray discs in the appropriate and fully licensed packaging.
  • Short run Blu-ray duplication if you want to test the market
  • We help you ship your finished Blu-ray product by the hundreds or one piece at a time worldwide.

That’s EasyBD-1-2-3! Call us to discuss your project and let’s handle your needs for Blu-ray authoring or Blu-ray replication services.

Think of Blu-ray replication as a bigger, better version of DVD. The resolution is incredible, providing truly stunning picture quality and enhanced surround sound capability. We offer Blu–ray replication for both BD-25 and BD-50. We are an experienced Blu–ray replication source for your production needs. As a standard part of our quality assurance for Blu-ray replication, we do the image copy process, electrical and mechanical character test of the finish disc and playable test. Let Acutrack be your partner for Blu-ray replication services.

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Please contact us:

Toll-Free: 888-234-3472
Phone: 925-579-5000
Fax: 925-579-5001

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