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Why Choose Blu-ray Authoring over Standard DVD Format?

Blu-ray authoring is often used for high definition video content. High-end media companies prefer blu-ray authored discs compared to ordinary DVD. Blu-ray players are also becoming in-demand, because of the increasing popularity of HD TVs. Many people are also now using high definition cameras. Even for home movie entertainment, a blu-ray looks better compared to an upconverted DVD to play on a hi-def TV.  Standard TVs are gradually fading. Hence, if your company needs to produce video content, it will be a mistake to stick with standard quality DVD format.

What is Blu-ray Authoring?

Blu-ray disc technology was born because of the common objective of consumer electronics companies and media producers to develop a high-definition format that can support authoring, rewriting and playback of HD videos. The invention of advanced video and audio codec made it easy for HD video to be easily stored in one location. 

Authoring of blu-ray usually takes more space compared to a standard definition DVD video authoring. However, it is the best option to choose if you need to ensure quality. A standard DVD has a maximum capacity of 4.5 GB of video content while Blu-ray discs can hold more than 25 GB unless you choose a two-layer disc, which has the max capacity of 50 GB.

The Benefits of Blu-Ray Replication

One major advantage of blu-ray disc authoring is that you can include slide shows and popup menus. The Blu-ray disc is also more scratch resistant compared to a usual DVD, so it can last longer and don’t usually suffer from bad playback similar to a normal DVD with scratches. With Blu-ray discs, you can access the menu like an overlay so there is an improved interaction. Recent developments in blu-ray technology will enable the video interface to connect to the internet for the user to access more data.

The process of authoring a Blu-ray disc can be complicated. If you want an excellent result, be sure to find professionals to do the authoring. This will make sure that the project will be handled by individuals who are highly knowledgeable of HD compression to minimize the usual problems arising from replicating a video into a Blu-ray format. You need to find a company with expertise and experience in Blu-ray technology to prevent losses as the process can be expensive.

It is highly recommended to choose a company that uses Sonic Scenarist BD authoring system such as Acutrack. This will enable you to gain full access to the whole array of Blu-ray HDMV to help you entice your target audience with attractive menus, interactive pop-ups, smart navigation system and other Blu-ray technology set.

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