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Promote your business using T-shirts

Most Americans, at some point in their lives, will wear a T-shirt. Some individuals wear nothing but T-shirts! If you're actively advertising or promoting, T-shirts are a blessing. Unlike other promotional items, such as key chains or mousepads, that are seen only by the recipient, a T-shirt turns your customer into a walking advertisement for your product. Your message spreads through an active sales force that never even appears on your payroll.



Wearable ROI

T-shirts are low in cost and offer a massive return on investment. The entire point of promotional materials is to garner attention for your company or product. If someone has a promotional mug, chances are it is going to only be seen by their office coworkers. On the other hand, if someone has and wears a promotional T-shirt, it could be seen by hundreds, even thousands of people. That's a lot of eyes on your brand!

Tell me more

One of the most attractive aspects of T-shirts is that they inspire curiosity. The design, logo, artwork or slogan can be a virtual icebreaker that prompts an interaction between the observer and the person wearing the T-shirt. They want to know more about the product, people or event behind the shirt. Your customers then end up explaining why they love your product. That's a lot of independent promoters!

Methods to get attention

There are some tactics that can help boost the effectiveness of your T-shirt campaign. Short but intense production runs have been proven to have long-term effects. Focusing on a small geographic region and pumping it full of your T-shirts makes it seem that everyone is wearing them. People who don't have them will want to know what all the excitement is about ... and your customers will be ready to tell them.

Another way to inspire curiosity is through the use of catchphrases. Memorable, funny or unique catchphrases can stick in an observer's mind for days. Try thinking of something witty that will make people remember your brand, but keep it clean so you won't encounter any resistance when it comes to wearing the T-shirt.

Finally, you may want to consider giveaways as a method of generating positive feedback and genuine interest. You can give T-shirts away to show appreciation, to celebrate an event or just because you feel like it. People rarely turn down a free gift!

Let us help

As an e-commerce fulfillment company, we're in a unique position when it comes to T-shirt marketing. Besides rapidly fulfilling orders directly to the customer, we also offer T-shirt design services. You can pick from a wide selection of base styles and colors while we help you come up with the perfect logo or artwork. If you have some ideas, please don't hesitate to contact us and we can start working on your customized promotional T-shirts!





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