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Is Print On Demand book publishing right for you?

The printing technology and business process in which new copies of a book are not printed until an order has been received is called “print on demand” (POD). This blog discusses whether POD book publishing is right for you.

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On demand printing is the biggest revolution in book printing since the Gutenberg press, making it convenient and affordable for self-published authors to print and sell their books. There is not a doubt that POD is powerful considering the fact that there is no inventory, however, you need to ask if it is the right solution for you?  

If you are selling your content on books or using books as a lead generation; you need a partner who can integrate with your eCommerce, print a book to meet your specifications and more importantly give you a cost competitive advantage.

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Integrate with your eCommerce:

Print on demand is a huge industry. Major players like IngramSpark, KDP Print (Amazon Print on demand solution), BookBaby, Lulu - are a few big names. These players have a huge market share for POD services and great solutions for many self-published authors who don’t want any exposure to upfront costs or printing more books than necessary.  

However, these businesses can not  support your print & fulfillment needs. When you generate an order in your shopping cart, you want that order to be delivered to your client in a seamless and timely manner so you can focus on your core business. 
And, that’s Acutrack’s print & fulfillment solution! 

Acutrack’s solution gives you the freedom to focus on your business and not spend time processing or packaging your orders working with the big POD companies.

Print on demand has print limitation:

POD has limitations with book trim sizes,  handling certain paper sizes and paperweights. Because of these, you’re limited to certain book trim sizes, binding types, and paper stocks/colors if you wish to use POD. 
Acutrack’s print & fulfillment has no such limitations. We can print books to meet your specific needs.

Print on demand costs:

Print on demand has a flat print cost irrespective of your business needs. This could be beneficial for some self-publishing authors. However, if you are a business who are selling over 100 books per month or has multiple SKUs some with large fulfillment needs; POD may not be the right business for you. 

The Acutrack Advantage
With Acutrack you get:

A customized solution- Print & fulfill using digital  inkjet, web-based cutting edge technology or offset print technology 

Print as per forecast- Depending on your business print smaller runs or large print runs (1,000+ copies).

Ship to your end customer-  Generate an order in your shopping cart, and deliver to your client seamlessly.

 Acutrack print and fulfillment gives you a cost-competitive advantage. There is no comparison when it comes to Acutrack’s print & fulfillment service with the other print on demand companies. Acutrack is in the business to streamline and automate your business. 

Talk to one of our experts on how we can help solve your business problems!

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