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How to Market Your Book for More Sales

The art of lead generation is very important to the success of your book, but you probably know that already. The key is to generate the best possible leads that will turn into reliable customers. Unfortunately, the lead generation process often gets pushed to the side while we tend to other tasks and requirements.

And that's a huge mistake.

Even if you have the best ideas or book topics, it won't matter. If you don't have leads, your sales will tank because nobody knows the book exists.

Give Them Something of Value

One great way to generate leads is the classic marketing tactic of using giveaway books. This allows your potential customers to get a taste of your work while making it easy for them to return and make a purchase if they like what they read. In this digital age, giveaways are lead magnets that work on multiple levels. For starters, they:

  • Make readers aware of your body of work
  • Function on the proven psychological principle of reciprocity - people have an urge to pay when you give them something for free
  • It gives you access to their all-important contact details

Credibility through problem-solving

Now that you know how to get eyes on your book, you will need to make sure you can keep those eyes on it. New writers often encounter difficulties in getting people to take them seriously, facing questions like:

  • Why should I listen to you?
  • What makes you an expert on this topic?
  • What are your credentials?

A fantastic way of proving your credibility as an author and keeping people interested is through solving problems. Books that solve practical problems sell on both emotion and utility. Nearly any topic can be written about from the problem-solving viewpoint. If you're writing a DIY book, you offer readers ways to accomplish tasks on their own. If you're writing a self-help or advice book, you're teaching people how to grow. If your book is on business management, your information will help individuals manage their company better or increase sales.

With this in mind, the giveaway book should also solve a specific problem that is closely related to the one your other book solves. Following the DIY example, assume that your book is about the actions required to flip a house. Studies show that the kitchen is the most popular room to renovate. With this in mind, you create a free ebook: Luxury Kitchens for the Solo Flipper. The book offers step-by-step instructions on replacing the flooring, upgrading ovens, installing countertops and the like. A giveaway book on a similar topic will ensure that your intended market will be the ones interested.

It is critical that the giveaway book functions as a standalone work. Trying to trap people by only offering the first few steps and making them buy the full book to learn the rest of the process often ends badly. Many times, the reader will end up resenting you or feeling taken advantage of. The reader of this book should find it so useful and be so grateful that they'll be desperate to get your other book.

The old advice of "give a little to get a little" works wonders in lead generation. Try using a giveaway and keep track of your traffic and sales numbers. There will be a measurable difference.

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