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Integrating Clickfunnels with Acutrack

ClickFunnels is a powerful third-party online platform that lets users create a website scientifically designed to drive sales, regardless of the industry. Invented by sales and internet expert Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels functions equally well with physical and digital businesses. By creating what is known as a sales funnel, potential customers are ushered through a strategically selected series of pages that guide them to purchase.


ClickFunnels explained

Sales funnels are designed to take a large number of prospects and progressively turn them into leads and eventually customers. Each step in the process introduces messaging that is increasingly more targeted. And rather than ignoring those who did not purchase, sales funnels continue to reach out to leads and prospects for future potential sales. ClickFunnels takes these attributes and bundles them with email marketing, a/b testing, conversion monitoring, and subscription offers.

ClickFunnels also gives users the power to maintain full control of their eCommerce activity. All pages including one-time-offers (OTOs), sales, down sell and order confirmation can be customized to maintain consistency with the user's brand. Customers start at the landing page, then proceed to the funnel and finally the purchase page in a process that seems completely organic and natural to the buyer.

Integration with all of the various programs and applications that work with ClickFunnels is accomplished through the use of webhooks. A webhook is a method of communicating with other programs that are event-driven. This means that the webhook will not communicate until a specific event occurs. Because of this, certain programs may not receive real-time updates on shipment and logistics information.

Acutrack can Handle ClickFunnels and Your Fulfillment

By working in conjunction with Acutrack, ClickFunnels' fulfillment and logistics services are simplified and enhanced substantially. Acutrack integrates directly with and actually does a better job of managing these processes than ClickFunnels itself! By combining these two powerful programs, the user ends up with a highly efficient eCommerce platform.

Acutrack helps you:

  • Manage your inventory
  • Process and ship your orders quickly and accurately
  • Update the shipping and tracking information
  • Notify clients on shipping status instantly through email

Export ClickFunnels data using the AppTrend tool

This is the most painless way to transfer all your orders from ClickFunnels to the Shopify shopping cart. Now, you have a powerful ClickFunnels tool to sell products and create new sales funnels as needed while letting Shopify handle the customer organization and shipping. You now have virtually limitless choices when it comes to working with third-party providers. Since Shopify is integrated with hundreds of organizations, your business and shipping will be unrestricted.

Say goodbye to barriers! You can effectively and efficiently utilize ClickFunnels' "one-click-upsells" bundle products or Shopify backend orders to manage inventory, fulfillment or tangible giveaways for effective lead generation. Your ClickFunnels orders will appear in Shopify as if the order originated from Shopify itself. Your customers will have a seamless experience and your logistics specialists will receive the information they need to deliver the order on time with no worries.

Our focus

Acutrack is an eCommerce fulfillment company that is driven by technology but focused on their customers. Since 1992, we have evolved along with the available technology to make production and logistics easier to manage. Today we provide full automation of the entire fulfillment process with complete documentation of every step. Our focus is to give entrepreneurs and business owners a fulfillment solution that lets them focus on what they do best.

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