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Importance of Goal Setting for Upcoming Authors

Inside each of us resides an author, waiting to tell our story. Some of us actually manage to break the litany of self-doubt and put pen to paper. But very often, the enthusiasm fades and lethargy sets in, and the dream is left halfway.  How do we get past these hurdles? What does it take to become an established writer? 

Writing, like any other profession, demands tenacity and relentless practice. It isn’t easy to churn out a 500-page novel in 5 months if you haven’t written consistently over several months. Lack of motivation, writer’s block, or even economic constraints can be roadblocks in your writing journey. How can an aspiring writer overcome such hindrances to produce quality work?



Setting goals to know where you’re headed

A goal is an end toward which effort is directed. Setting goals can help a writer break down her journey into short, achievable spans. These can be short-term and long-term goals. For instance, your wish to write a novel can be your long-term goal. Attending a writing course or reading a book on novel writing or simply starting the first chapter of the novel can be your short-term goals. 

It is great to know where you want to be or what you want to accomplish. But setting goals won’t help you get there without effective habits. Devising a plan of action to move towards the end game is imperative. Taking the above example, an aspiring novel writer should work on his short-term goal of writing the first chapter of his novel by consistently writing 500 words a day.  Think of your short term goals as the tiny building blocks that eventually makes the sturdy edifice

Attainability and Sustainability

Setting writing goals is a highly individualistic process and it will be useful to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Keeping a journal of your daily writing may work for some but not for all.  Morning hours can be productive for some while caffeine-powered nights may bring out the best in others. 

Focus should be placed on what one can control so as to avoid frustration when you go off-track. Attainability is the key here.  Making a grand declaration that you’d write 4 hours a day when you actually haven’t been writing even for an hour is preposterous. Writing goals should be sustainable too. If you’ve been meeting your word count for the week but find it punishing to go on at the same pace for the coming weeks, you may just have set yourself up for a burnout.

Review and Revamp

Frequent reviews or self-assessments can be beneficial to determine the progress you are making. It will be interesting to note that often such reviews can bring forth unexpected revelations. Some short-term goals may be irrelevant prompting you to reexamine them. So, if your short-term goal has been to get published and if you’ve achieved that with your very first article, it’s time to make a new goal.

Hitting a hurdle and overcoming it

Which writer hasn’t hit a rough patch? Sometimes putting the right words on paper can be the toughest thing to do even for seasoned writers. Productivity philosopher and author of Start Finishing, Charlie Gilkey contends that we need an amalgam of creation, consumptionand connection to do our best work. If you are stuck, engaging in any form of creative activity like painting, sewing or gardening can serve as mind-opening experiences. 

Consuming or acquiring knowledge can be an effective way to overcome that writer’s block. Reading a new book, watching a play or attending a writers’ symposium can get your creative juices flowing. Connecting with nature or oneself through physical exercises like running or spiritual practices like meditation can provide the calm and much-needed rejuvenation to fire up your neurons again. In times of struggle to avoid dejection, it helps to recognize and celebrate what you’ve accomplished so far.

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