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Don't ship discs out of your garage

You're an expert in your training program. Your customers love your discs and keep you busy packing and sending them out - too busy. You have to cope with guessing what kind of a run you'll need to meet your followers' demands and the increasing complexity of shipping. Take a breath. At Acutrack, we offer you a better way.



Discs when you need them

Imagine not having to store or keep track of your inventory. Acutrack's disc Manufacture on Demand (MOD) can fulfill that vision. You won't need to roll the dice with a forecast or pay for unnecessary manufacturing.

When you get an order, we produce a disc. You won't have to wait to realize a profit. Your cash in will always exceed your money out.

With MOD, you'll not only boost your bottom line, but you'll also impress your customers. Our products have the top-quality appearance of discs found on retail shelves.

You can request custom packaging that shouts your message before your customer even listens to the disc. Our custom inserts will further enhance your brand.

Controlling shipping costs by combining fulfillment services with MOD will also boost your profit margin.

Save on shipping

The fees major carriers charge can deliver an unpleasant surprise to the unwary. UPS, FedEx and the United States Postal Service (USPS) have all instituted changes that can raise your shipping costs. Your transportation price tag is determined not only by the weight but also by the dimensions of your parcels.

Origination and destination zones now also contribute to higher expenses. Strategically located fulfillment facilities keep the effects of zone pricing under control.

You need experts who take all of these factors into account to minimize your revenue drain.

The packaging challenge

Inventory and shipping costs are not the only barriers to e-commerce success. What could be more discouraging to a customer than hearing the telltale rattle of a broken disc? Damaged goods cost you money in both returns and lost future sales.

Optimal packaging meets these criteria:

  1. Preventing breakage of your merchandise.
  2. Meeting weight and dimensional demands.
  3. Controlling waste by using fewer materials.
  4. Simplifying any necessary returns.
  5. Helping your brand stand out through custom logos and graphics.
  6. Leaving a more favorable impression with consumers.

MOD offers packaging alternatives to meet your cost and promotional requirements. You can choose simple packagings such as a paper sleeve or clamshell. For a polished retail appearance, you can select a DVD or jewel case. Acutrack assembles these options with wraps printed to your specifications.

Your complete solution

Acutrack is the only partner you need for reliable, economical production, packaging and shipping of your discs. Contact us today to discover how we can simplify your business and build your bank account.

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