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Have Big dreams but no funds? CrowdFunding may be your Answer!

We all have dreams. A few of us manage to make them come true but for most, the cost of that dream is sometimes unfathomable.



Enter the world of Crowdfunding, the messiah of people with stars in their eyes. Crowdfunding is a form of crowdsourcing and alternative finance. This is carried out primarily online via social media and crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter. It builds on their networks for a better reach and exposure.

These crowdfunding platforms give you, the one who dreams of being a self-published author/ filmmaker/ entrepreneur, a single platform to build, showcase, and post your pitch to a relatively large audience. 

With crowdfunding, it’s much easier to get an opportunity to connect with interested parties. You can give them more ways to help grow your business, from investing as little as $20 in exchange for the first copy of your novel/ invite to your premier/ first demo of your product to more advanced giveaways.

Does crowdfunding really work for Authors thinking of Self Publishing?

The answer is a resounding yes. The main reasons being:

  • You need money to help cover the cost of publishing and marketing a book. Authors often underestimate this cost. Crowdfunding can help them cover this.
  • You get a readymade audience for your book. You not only get fans excited about your book, but you get the crowd involved in your book's journey. Best marketing strategy ever.
  • You may catch the eye of a publisher because apart from platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, there are specialized platforms like Inkshares and Unbound that are themselves into publishing.

Bring out the dream, this is really the best time to consider writing that book. Who knows, yours may be the next bestseller the world is waiting for.

Giving back to the people who supported you:
It is understandable that you would want to show your appreciation to the people who funded your project and believed in you and your project. Here are a few ideas of what you can give them in return:

  •   Flash drives with work from your project - whether it’s pictures, videos, behind the scene interviews
  •   Postcards, posters, bumper stickers or laptop stickers
  •   Magnets, Pins, or custom buttons etc

Why you need an experienced partner like Acutrack in the publishing journey:

When you have your funding and you wonder who can help you publish and deliver your first copies to your amazing investors, look no further than Acutrack. We are a powerful book printing and fulfillment partner and a perfect fit. We are unlike traditional publishing companies that take ownership of your books and offer you limited royalties.

Our comprehensive suite of fulfillment services helps self-published authors deliver their books directly to their readers or subscribers.

Shipping cost

You make sure that you get a clear estimate of packaging, fulfillment, and shipping costs associated to fulfil rewards to your backers. You don’t want to end up paying extra costs that may be associated with packaging. For example, a poster needs to be packaged in a poster tube. Also, you must pay special attention to dimensional weight to get the correct shipping cost estimate and not be surprised later. It is best to work with a fulfillment house like Acutrack before launching your rewards.

Communicating with your backers

Your backers have offered you money and they are looking forward to their rewards. You don’t want them to disappoint them. You want to keep them informed about the progress of your project and finally, when you ship a product, you must send shipping tracking details. Once you let them know that the reward has been shipped, they are now expecting to receive it. If you don’t provide the tracking details, you will be flooded with questions asking you to track their package. Ergo, Acutrack, to help you and them keep track of their packages!

To learn more about how Acutrack can help you achieve your goals, talk to one of our experts.

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