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Technology Plays a Critical Role in Fulfillment

In this age of e-commerce, fulfillment technology plays a huge role in supplying merchandise to both businesses and consumers. For fulfillment centers, technology is essential to every function, from the receipt of an order to its final delivery to the purchaser. It plays an equally important role in serving vendors to keep customers satisfied and loyal to their brand. That a provider utilizes the best technology available is critical for providing top-notch service.

Warehouse Management Systems
A warehouse management system (WMS) is the heart of the technology that makes a fulfillment center function. WMSs integrate software and physical processes to control every aspect of operations, ensuring efficient workflow. These systems encompass inventory management, picking, and auditing. A successful WMS is vital to handling high volumes of merchandise.

A WMS provides center management with visibility into inventory at any given place and time, allowing continuous monitoring and quality control of operations. A fulfillment center's WMS enables it to be both more flexible and responsive. The WMS also decreases errors and improves service.

Integrating with other platforms
While a WMS will improve functioning within a center, it is equally essential for a center to reach out to e-commerce platforms seamlessly. Acutrack integrates with almost any shopping cart a consumer might choose, as well as all major e-commerce platforms, enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs) and customer management relationship (CRM) programs. The company also works with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Jett, and all major online marketplaces.


Customers want to know
Technology that provides transparency is central in fulfillment transactions. It permits clients to view their inventory and determine their order and shipping status online, ensuring increased confidence in the progress of their sales.

Electronic data exchange (EDI)

For a fulfillment center to function effectively, it is essential that data are transferred faultlessly between organizations. Because EDI accomplishes this process, the retail world has adopted EDI for transacting purchase orders and shipment related notifications.

Businesses employing EDI reduce costs and errors and increase their processing speeds. At Acutrack, EDI is indispensable for handling business to business (B2B) transactions.

Acutrack leads the way
Since its founding in 1992, Acutrack has adopted cutting edge technologies to serve our clients. Contact us to find out how our advancements make fulfillment work for you and your customers.

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