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Acutrack’s Book Print and Fulfillment

Acutrack’s Book Print and Fulfillment 

We understand the challenges faced by self-publishers with regards to book printing and fulfillment services. Many experience the challenges of ordering print runs and then being forced to store the entire inventory in their basement. Bogged down with the challenges of running fulfillment and packaging operations by themselves, some eventually come to choose Amazon’s Createspace after being attracted by their Print-On-Demand services, only come to the realization that Amazon has inhaled their sales, revenue, and customers for nothing more than a piddly return in royalties – This all changes with Acutrack!

Acutrack’s solution
Acutrack Book Print and Fulfillment services take care of printing and order fulfillment irrespective of the platform where you sell your book. By selling books directly on your platform, you keep the sales revenue and are able to use the book for lead generation. This is of utmost importance as you are given total control of your marketplace and customers. The process is easy: We produce a retail-finish book completely customized to your needs in a print run as little as 50 units, depending on your business needs. We stock your inventory in our warehouse and set a minimum warning level for each SKU (book title). And when the quantity dips below the minimum level, we immediately notify you to place a reorder to replenish your stock.

We generate the book cost-effectively based on your requirement and not by the restrictive constraints of Print-On-Demand services. A book can a softbound or hardbound, UV coated or laminated, shrink wrapped or gift wrapped – you ask and we deliver!

We take away the headaches of order fulfillment by making the whole process seamless.  Each step is automated – from receiving an order transaction via your eCommerce store and updating the tracking. We compound upon this convenience by setting up an online customer portal where you are given full 24/7 access to all aspects of order and inventory management. By removing the burden of order fulfillment from your shoulders and letting Acutrack handle it for you, you are instantly given the flexibility to pay greater attention to growing your core business.

How does it work?

We take the time to learn your exact print needs then provide you with a custom-tailored cost proposal.  Once you accept our proposal, our integration team provides details to take your eCommerce app to live, Additionally, we set up an online web portal to order all aspects of order & inventory management. We also set up a dedicated FTP account where you can upload all your artwork We deploy many print options and choose the right print option once we have a better understanding of your business needs. A book can be printed on our web-based inkjet print to high-end sheetfed color print; UV or laminated finish on the cover, short print run of 50 or larger run of 1,000 or more can greatly impact the cost.

Paying for the services
You manage your eCommerce, sales & marketing. You dictate the cost of shipping & handling to your clients. We are not part of your sales operation. We just provide print and fulfillment services and bill you for our work. Since our print services aren’t print-on-demand (POD); we invoice you for print services when you confirm your print order quantity and for all other fulfillment transactions, we bill you at the end of the month for all order transactions posted.

Processing Time
Unlike POD, our solution has the advantage of shipping books in real-time as we receive the order. Generally speaking, it takes 5 to 7 days to print your books and stock them. We set the minimum level, and we place a new order in a timely manner so you are never out of stock.

Shipping Methods
We recommend USPS postal mail service to ship either as First class, Media Mail or Priority Mail service domestically within the USA.  Likewise, we have discounted postal mail service for worldwide shipment

File format
High-resolution PDF files are the only type of files we accept for printing orders since PDFs will embed all fonts and graphics. This ensures that there are fewer printing issues and less possibility of shifting text and graphics. Please ensure that your PDF files have been set to include bleeds.

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